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National Unity and Peace Party of Afghanistan –Hezb-e- Sulh va Wahdat Melli Afghanistan

17 Jan 2019 - 14:29

Reporter : Sayed Mohammad Bagher Mesbahzadah

In 1380, a party called “National Unity and Peace Council of Afghanistan” was established by Qazi Abdulqader Emami, later on it was renamed to “National Unity and Peace Party of Afghanistan”.

According to Emami’s biography, this party was set up in light of unity of 28 political organizations, cultural institutes, social institutes, public and tribal councils and unions and he has been selected as the head. 
National Unity and Peace Party of Afghanistan is considered as Secular a party whose holy aims!! have been stated to be formation of a civil society, political pluralism, freedom of thoughts and speech, combat with fundamentalism!! on the basis of universal human rights declaration. This is to state that Mr. Emami used to be a member of Islamic Sunni Fundamentalist Groups following Ekhvan-al-Muslemin movement, and during Jehad period up to the dominance of Taliba, was in the line of those who are called warlords and insurgents in the statute of this party. In addition, he has served as a Mojahed, commander, in Qur and Samangan provinces, as well as editing and translation responsible, head of inspection in reconstruction ministry, deputy of guidance and endowments ministry, and guardian of martyrs and disabled ministry in Mojahedin government in Pishawar and Kabul using facilities of those warlords and insurgents. 
Most important of all, in his biography, it has been written to have graduated in the field of religious laws college from Kabul university, and Mr. Emami continued his studies to the level of postgraduate in the major of Islam-logy in Islamic university of Pishawar and in the filed of Islamic economics at the university of science in Hayat Abad in Pakistan, having written books and interpretations about various issues of Islam. 
Association of articles of the National Unity and Peace Party of Afghanistan has been compiled into 10 chapters and 77 points, and its organizational structure is based on the following parts: High council, leadership council, executive council, regional councils, provincial councils, and governing councils.
The party includes 18 working committees that follow:
1-     General head of the party
2-     Vice-deputy of the party
3-     Second deputy of the party
4-     Ideological and political consultant- social, economical and general consultant of the party
5-     Secretariat
6-     Political relations committee
7-     Cultural and publishing committee 
8-     Financial committee
9-     Educational committee
10- Provinces organizations committee
11- Invitation and solidarity committee
12- Religious authorities and clerics committee
13- Youth committee
14- Women committee
15- Social services committee
16- Supervision committee
17- Defending human rights committee
18- The minorities solidarity committee
Unluckily, the statute of National Unity and Peace Party of Afghanistan includes clear orthographic and literal mistakes like some other seasonal parties which reveals the underestimation of the leader and officials of the party.
By; S.M.B.Mesbahzadeh

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