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Afghanistan Solidarity Party is one of the groups related to Maoist movement, Eternal Flame, which declared its existence on April 16th 2004(13/1/1383LHY) in Kabul, under the direction of Abdul Khalegh Nemat the offspring of Abdul Wahab, born in governing center in Koz Konar state in Nangarhar located in the east of Afghanistan, majored in civil engineering and urbanization in Afghanistan, India and Poland.
Afghanistan Solidarity Party (Hezbe Hambastagi Afghanistan)
Having been employed in national defense ministry, engineering section of engineering College of Kabul University until 1989(1368LHY), he lived as an immigrant in Germany and Pakistan to 2003(1382LHY), he has been working as repairs technical advisor and responsible for mobile engineers team in consolidation projects in Afghanistan reconstruction and development service ministry since the establishment of new Afghanistan government led by Hamed Karzai. (periods) weekly, on Dad Noori's responsibility at the beginning, which is published by Maoists in Kabul describes the establishment of this Party under the title of " Birth of Afghanistan Solidarity Party" as: there is no place for grouping with villainous and treasonous dealings, tribalism and abusing creed in our nation any longer, since the consequence has been war and blood during last 25 years. New horizons will shine instead of bleary atmosphere over our country as every day passes and grounds will be paved to drive the last nail into rotten coffin of warlord organizations (Mojahedeen groups), this illegitimate child, by our nation. Afghanistan Solidarity Party is one of the organizations that came into existence with wide range of activities by compatriot and broad-minded intellectuals on 2004(28 Hamal 1383LHY). This party has been given a kind of entire formation with wide participation of envoys from 28 provinces, the reps of refugees in Iran, Pakistan and Europe from any classes and groups in the founders' congress, outstanding role of women in its establishment is a sign of annulment for disgraceful sex discrimination. The representatives of the party announced the positions of Afghanistan Solidarity Party during a press conference, answering journalists' questions on 29 Hamal. The declaration party festival, in afternoon of the same day, began with the speech of Abdul Khalegh Nemat, selected leader of Solidarity party, among a huge mass (1500) members, supporters, and friends of the party who had attended the ceremony. He quested into people's disasters and misfortunes during last two decades, evaluated the achievements and shortcomings of current government and recited the necessity of Afghanistan Solidarity Party's establishment in his speech. Then, Habibeh Sarabi, women's affairs minister made a speech on the importance of actions among women and their organization, said that the formation of Afghanistan Solidarity Party is a fortunate and effective step in current situation of the country. Mr. Ghasim Asghar, a political activist of the country pointed to essential roles of parties in establishing democracy, repeating that real democracy is not a presented gift but the result of champions' blood such as Sarvar Vasef, Abdul Rahman Lodain, the late Mahmoodi and other heroes of independence that democratic parties and farsighted people should guard it under present conditions. Mr. Fazl al Rahman Uriya, editor in chief of "Flame publication" assessed the calamities of gloomy wars of recent two decades in the capital and recognized the roles of parties believing in democracy as valuable, recited the establishment of Afghanistan Solidarity Party as an auspicious and blessed step. Mr. Zaher Hassan , administration deputy of intelligence and culture ministry, as a rep of Kabul citizens council, congratulate the establishment of Solidarity Party, reading the message of Kabul citizens council with anxiety. At the end, Abdul Wahab Korokhi, one of invalids of the country, read the message of the disabled and handicapped which was welcomed by spectators hand claps. The ceremony ended with youth dance and happiness while Safdar Tavakuli, the Noristanis, Bilton and Mahamood Karavan on of famous singers of the country performed their programs.
The declaration of existence of the Afghanistan Solidarity Party was published following the congress of founders of the party.
In "Sholeh Javid" (Eternal Flame) publication, Maoist opponents of Solidarity Party have expressed their opinion regarding this party and the contents of its declaration of existence titled "deceiving and misleading party makers" as follows:
Parties, organizations and councils under various titles, but similar plans and strategies grew like mushrooms, one after another, following the imperialists invasion led by the imperialism of America to Afghanistan. They consider the treacherous in Bon as "Source of Afghanistan nation's will-power" and think of Imperialism of America's occupation as "Spark of hope in tearful eyes of nation", standing in a line of service providers for imperialist occupiers in order to get a position next to the exploiting imperialist table and catch a bone or slice of meat. One of these so-called political organizations is "Afghanistan Solidarity Party" which has announced its existence through publication of a declaration 2004 (on 8th of Hamal 1383LHY). Imperialists' invasion led by America to Afghanistan is welcomed and the coalition of imperialists to invade Afghanistan has been called "anti-terrorism coalition" enthusiastically.
Afghanistan Solidarity Party, due to its Communist and non-Islamic nature, is opposed to political authority founded on Islam, this is why they are against some of articles of constitution in which the role of Islam has been considered in legislation, national identity and political power, this matter is thought to be at least one of "definite shortcomings" of Afghanistan constitution in 20th part of this party's article of association. Opposing to Islam has not frankly been written down in article of associations and constitutions of Solidarity Party and other similar parties, which regard breathing under the shadow of bloody swords of the West Liberal Democrat as "a progressive step", however, those who are familiar with Communist literature and the West terrified intellectuals understand their intention from "to destroy backward economical, cultural relations and defense of all the proletariat and trade union's rights"," abuse of people's religious beliefs"," respect to people's religious beliefs"," defense of liberalist movements"," fundamentalism and terrorism" and ……which are mentioned in the contents of article of association of Solidarity Party and other parties. Non-frankness of Communists,such as Maoists and Sovietists originates from two reasons, panic and dishonesty. They are not afraid of parties and groups carrying the name of Islam, destroying Islam more than enemies, since they have had propagandistic and armed struggle with them for years. Ruin of Afghanistan is not solely the result of wars among so-called Jehadi groups, but as Communists have confessed, they played an active role in starting war in Afghanistan and even among warlords and power-seekers of Jehadi groups. The Communists were not frightened of foreign powers either, since they are the communists' main supporters. In 1978 (1357LHY) the Communists took the power in Afghanistan, first with the assistance and later with military spread of Russians and in 2001 (1380LHY), some wings of Maoists and Soveitists were given positions in power along with looters (warlords) of achievements of Afghan people's Islamic holy Jehad as the result of the United States invasion to Afghanistan. European countries and even Pakistan are still the safe shelters for different communist parties particularly Afghanistan Maoists. Therefore, they are only afraid of Afghanistan people for the coverage of their real identity, this is a sign that they are strangers to people while introducing themselves dependant to people as well as their defenders. On the other hand, former and new political parties with any ideas and thoughts have been established on the basis of tribal and lingual inclinations which are due to social backwardness, practical disbelief and lack of dependency of leaders and officials of these groups to their intellectual and ideological principles. Although, some people from different ethnics might be found as members in these groups, but the leading and prevailing forces have special ethnical tendency which are obviously reflected in their functions and plans. Maoists groups are not excepted to this role, close investigation of disaccords, internal settlement of accounts and social formation of these groups reveals that ethnical and lingual inclinations have been used as means of personal and party superiority and as a factor to intensify the disagreements. Therefore, it seems that ethnic inclination in Afghanistan Solidarity Party is prominent, as their political positions toward domestic and foreign affairs even toward nomad fellows (Chadorneshinan) in "Ruzegaran" publication and in 17th part of their constitution are reflected. the articles of association of Solidarity Party indicates solely providing nomads with appropriate living conditions and services, without any attention to solve their main problem which is the usage of grasslands of others, that is currently converted to a national problem.
 1- Ruzegaran weekly publication, proprietor: Abdul Naser Faghiri
Editor in chief: Norani, volume 15 – published 15th Sawor, 1383(May 2004) - pages. 1-2
Author: Sayed Mohammas Bagher Mesbahzade 
Reporter : Sayed Mohammad Bagher Mesbahzadah
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