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National Unity Party of Afghanistan has been established on August 21st 2003 by a group of the residue of People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan ( Motherland Party). This party is led by Mr. Lieutenant Noorulhaq Olumi.
National Unity Party of Afganistan
National Unity Party of Afghanistan has been established on August 21st 2003 by a group of the residue of People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (= Motherland Party). This party is led by Mr. Lieutenant Noorulhaq Olumi. He was a member of the Central Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (flag branch), senior officer of the communist regime and educated in the former Soviet Union. The establishment of the party was announced in a congress in which seven hundreds of former officials of the People's Democratic Party including Sarwar Mangal, Soraya Perlika and Shirjan Mozdooryar participaed. Despite the opposition of Abdul Rahim Karimi, at that time Minister of Justice and Mr. Fazal Ahmad Maenawi, High Court Deputy who regarded this party and its members Communists, this party acquired Official licenses from the Ministry of Justice on May 1st 2005 and registered the party within the list of political parties.
In constituent meeting of the National United Party of Afghanistan, on 21st 2003, Mr. Noorulhaq Olumi read the conference statement. Formation of the United National Party was welcomed and supported among some members and fans of the People's Democratic Party in Europe and the held some meetings in favor of it.
The European Council of United National Party was formed in a conference in "Arnhem" city of Holland on March 14th ,2004 . At the conference, Mr. Yasin Bidar was appointed as president of the European Council of the National United Party. Supervisors, control and advising members of the Commissions were also selected. Despite the efforts of the United National Party it has failed to include the majority of the Homeland party. Therefore, they are severely criticized by some parties and some related elements of the party.
In addition to opposition from wings and former members of “motherland Party”, the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary system opposed with the registration of National United Party due to its communist and anti-Islam reputation of its leaders and members. The mentioned party, however, continued its activity under the support by administration and west countries sources. Later on August 21st 2004 on the eve of first anniversary of its establishment, the executive commity published a message claiming the success of the party.
The scrutiny on the basic statute of the establisher congress and the written pieces by Mr Bidar for the National United Party and by Mr. Dehmal against it, and also mentioning the message of executive commity on the eve of its anniversary show that the communist members of the Motherland Party (People's Democratic Party) are loyal to their communist beliefs, goals and targets, although they confess its failure and improper politics and claims of modern political mentality. From the view point of mentality and idealogy the mebers have not been significantly vicissituded, yet they have selected another branch of atheism. They are proud of the communist People’s Democratic Party and its anti-humanity background. They consider it as a symbol of last prouds and a torch of today and tomorrow’s salvation of the country.
The former comminsts who are nowadays pretending to be domcrats immodestly consider the Motherland Party as defenders of the people and the country. They call the people as the black reactionaries, fundamentalists and terrorists because they have rosen against the brutalities and atrocities of this party and devoted more than two millions of martyrs and disabled ones. This party pretexts the abuse of political and terrorist groups and those like themselves who came to the political scene in a bloody coup by the Communists of Motherland Party and Russian and Western interventionists. These are so unfair and prejudiced people that they do not ask themselves if the party defended people then who have killed more than one and a half million of people in Afghanistan during the rule of the party and Who have destroyed thousands of villages and rural homes across the country with dropping napalm bombs over the defenseless people of Afghanistan.
Mr. Olumi as a military Communist officer which calls himself as the conqueror of significant wars has fought against Afghanistan people contributes in the slaughter of men, women and children. In his statement Mr. Olumi knows calls only a decade after the fall of communist puppet regime as the most tragic history of Afghanistan which has led to the destruction of people's material and spiritual existence. He and his allies do not accept the undeniable fact that the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan launched the crisis by the inauspicious coup on May 26th 1978. They do not consider that the tragedy of civil war after the fall of the communist regime and the rise of the Taliban was a continuation of the same crisis. They should confess that the warmonger after the fall of regime, were the communist People's Democratic Party and its Maoist rivals. These together launched Ethnic and religious wars in the form of jihad groups.
Unfortunately the Communists in People's Democratic Party have not already learnt from their past mistakes and praise themselves like the past. They call themselves as national honor, the salvation torches, and according to wishes of the people. They calim to arise from people and are among people. Their claims conflicting with reality can only be justified on the basis of the communist definition of people. This definition has been proved to be wrong by human knowledge and experience.
National United Party led by Mr. Olumi and "Pervasive Movement for Democracy and Development in Afghanistan" led by Shir Mohammad Barzegar, tried to unite the two parties via forming an understanding committee. As a result a merger procedure document of the two parties was signed by the leaders on December 30th 2009.
Author: Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh
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