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Islamic Society of Afghanistan

8 Feb 2011 - 18:11

Islamic Society of Afghanistan is one of the most important Sunni parties, established under leading of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani.

This party has been introduced as founder and inheritor of Islamic movement in Afghanistan. In an article entitled “Professor Ghulam Mohammad Niazai, the founder of Islamic movement in Afghanistan” considers the establishment date of Islamic movement in Afghanistan which he claims to be Islamic Society of Afghanistan establishment date in 1957. According to Rabbani’s article, the founder and leader of Islamic movement in Afghanistan was Professor Ghulam Mohammad Niazai, a lecturer at faculty of theology in Kabul university and others like Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Musa Tawana, Vafiulah Samei, Abd al- Aziz Forough, Sayyed Ahmad Tarjoman, Professor Mohammad Fazel, Hedayat and Mr. Rabbani himself helped Professor Ghulam Mohammad Niazai establishing the movement.   
It has been written in the article that Professor Ghulam Mohammad Niazai sheered (quitted) the apparent leading position of the movement in 1972 but remained mental and spiritual leader. The movement then continued its activities under Mr. Rabbani’s leadrship.
Dr. Musa Tawana has written that the first secession to select the leader and principals of the Islamic Society had been held in 1973 at Mr. Rabbani’s home in kheirkhaneh district of Kabul.
At the secession Professor Rabbani was selected as the leader and head of executive council, Mr. Sayyaf as the deputy of the society, Habiborrhman as the secretary and head of arranging officers, Seifodin Nosratyar as the coordinator of the youth, Mulawi Habiborrhman as the coordinator of religious scholars, Sayyed Abd al- Rahamn as the head of financial office, Mulawi Abd al- Bari as the coordinator of farmers and labors, Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Musa Tawana as the head of cultural affairs , Sayyed Noorulah Emad as the coordinator of Herat province affairs  ,Abd al- Qader Tawana as the coordinator of Balkh province affairs  and Professor Ghulam Mohammad Niazai as the head of political affairs.
In contrast to the leaders of Islamic society, Mr. Hekmatyar believes that Islamic movement was established in 1969 and Abd al- Rahim Niazai was the founder. He says that 12 ones including him renamed the Muslims’ Youth Movement formed in Kabul Uiversity as Hizbi Islami (Islamic Party) in a secession held in Shkesrdareh governmenship in Kabul in 1969.
According to Mr. Hekamtyar, after Abd al- Rahim Niazai’s death, in a secession held in 1st November 1973 in Polytechnic University mosque, where 260 members of Muslims’ Youth Movement participated, leading council was selected composed of Eng. Abd al- Rahman, Eng. Seifodin Nosratyar, Eng. Gulbodin Hekmatayr, Mulawi Habiborrhman and Professor Ghulam Rabbani Atish.
Any way, indeed Islamic Sunni movement was formed at Kabul University in 1968 inspired by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It was then reputed as Muslims Youth due to their participation at street rallies and demonstrations.  The young activists in this group were initially Abd al- Rahim Niazai, a student at faculty of theology and Gulbodin Hekmatyar, Nosratyar and Mohammad Omar.
Islamic society and Islamic Parties are inspired by Muslim Brotherhood movement. They were then emerged in Pakistan . After armed attacks against Daoud’s autocratic regime by Islamic Sunni Movement failed, the differenced among the leaders of the movement intensified. 
Aided by Pakistan, Hekmatyar led the military operations against Afghanistan government and established the Islamic Party (Hizbi Islami). Meanwhile Rabbani continued his activities in Islamic society (Jamiat-i Islami). The Islamic Society coalited with Advanced Democratic Society in 1976. The coalition parties named themselves as National Common Front of Afghanistan. It was then coalited with Islamic Party after “1976 Saur communist coup” and selected the name of the new party as Islamic Revolutionary Movement of Afghanistan but the coalition did not work. As a result a new group was established. This group, i.e. Islamic Revolution was lead by Mulawi Mohammad Nabi Mohammadi. The Islamic society attended to establish National Front for Salvation of Afghanistan but quickly removed from it and formed Islamic Unity Treaty of Afghanistan together with Islamic Party of Mulavi Younas Khalis.
Islamic Society made some other coalition parties with other factions until the year 1979 in which a coalition named as Islamic Unity of Afghanistan Mujahidin formed under Pakistan aids. Islamic Society was a member of this coalition. Also named as Sevenfold Unity the coalition was desolated in 1991. Islamic Society emerged as governing faction in Kabul after Dr. Najib’s ouster in 1992.  Opposed by Hizbi Islami Hekmatyar and other political and ethnic rival groups, Islamic Society feuded in civil damaging war.
Despite Taliban takeover of 80% of Afghanistan territory, the Islamic Society leadership headed Afghanistan government in international forums until Taliban overthrow and establishing interim government by Hamid Karzai.
After reconciliation of Hamid Karzai’s administration and confirming the parties law by him a new statute was registered for Islamic Society in ministry of justice by Rabbani. He then received official authentication in 2005.
In this manifesto there is no distinct and transparent position against arrogant powers and their brutality against Islam and humanity. It is not sufficient for a combatant Islamic party to only indicate righteously fights of oppressed nations and defenseless minorities in the statute, rather cruelty and oppression should be clarified and cruel ones together with oppressed ones should be identified.
Author: Sayed Mohammad Bagher Mesbahzadeh


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