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Aminullah khan Logari

9 Mar 2010 - 9:08

ِْGreatest afghan National Hero Naeb - Aminullah khan Logari
Naeb-Aminullah khan Logari has born on 1785 in Enlightened family from USozai tribe in the Baraki- Rajan Village ,district  Logar Province.
He learned Pashto ,Dari and Arabic languages in logar province but he especially high education learned in kabul city.
He lives in the Baghe- Naeb Lane near Ashuqan and Afafan in Kabul city. His father Mirzai khan was a famous man during Timorshah Abdali kingdom he was governor of Cush-Mir.
Naeb Aminullah khan was very keen and brave man .He known very well the political situation of his country .when his father dead ,as soon as he draw attention Abdali`s kings to himself therefore , king Timor shah Abdali gave a hanour title Aminull-doula to him and pay the salary of his death father to him.
During Shah Zaman shah kingdom , Naeb Aminullah khan appointed as governor of Kabul and Loagr provinces, and also he left the Logar and Kabul`s taxes for his livelihood .
Naeb Aminulah khan during his government of Kabul and Logar did a lot of social services work in these provinces.
Like : construction of Mosques , bridges ,roads ,digging of subterranean and irrigation canals. He also made a lot of uncultivated land under irrigation canals . He spend the taxes money in these way .the people loved him so much. He was the only man witch has taken the attention of Abdali and Sadduzai kingdom to himself . the title of Khan Logar and khord- Kabul has given to him by king Shah Shoja Abdali .
Naeb Aminulah khan always is trying to make compromise between Abdali and Sadozai kingdom`s families ,but it was impassable , because they has done killing between each others.

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