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Nancy Hatch Dupree

9 Mar 2009 - 12:51

Brief resume   An internationally recognized expert on the history, art, and archaeology of Afghanistan, Nancy hatch Dupree has dedicated a lifetime to documenting and preserving Afghanistan’s cultural heritage. Mrs. Dupree arrived in Kabul in 1962 with her first husband, an American diplomat. There she fell in love; not only with Afghanistan , but also with Louis Dupree, a renowned archaeologist and scholar of Afghanistan ’s culture and history. For the next 15 years, the Dupree’s traveled throughout Afghanistan , conducting archaeological excavations. Mrs. Dupree wrote five guidebooks for the Afghan tourist organization (one of which become the inspiration for Tony Kushner’s recent play homebody/Kabul) covering all major archaeological and historic sites, as well as a guide to the National Museum .   The dupers were forced to leave Afghanistan in 1979 after the soviet invasion. Following Mr. Duper’s death in 1989, Mrs. Dupree relocated to Peshawar , Pakistan , where she has continued to work, educating both Afghans and the world about Afghanistan ’s cultural heritage. She currently directs the agency coordinating Body for Afghan reliefs (ACBAR) Resource and information center (ARIC), which collects and disseminates documents relating to humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan and afghan refugees in Pakistan . ARIC also runs a popular project that supplies reading materials to villages, districts, and public libraries inside Afghanistan , as well as to refugee schools in Pakistan . Mrs. Dupree is also involved with the society for the preservation of Afghanistan ’s cultural Heritage (SPACH). Since 1989, she has published over 250 pieces on a wide variety of topics relating to the reconstruction of Afghanistan and six guidebooks on the area, including the national Museum of Afghanistan .
August 2005                                           SUMMARY CURRICULUM CITAE NEME:                             Nancy Hatch Dupree (widow of Louis Dupree) ADDRESS:                      UPO Box 1084 , Peshawar Pakistan                                           Tel: 0092-91-5704392/5704392/5702030; FAX:0092-91-840471                                           E-mail: aric@brain.net.pk   EDUCATION:                 BA: Barnard college, New York , USA , 1961                                           MA: Chinese, Colombia University , USA ,1961                                           PHD: Hon., Williams College , USA , 2003   RESSIDENCE ABROAD: 1928-1940                                             Travancore, now Kerala, south India 1928-1947                                               Mexico 1928-1949                       Costa Rica 1962-1978                       Afghanistan 1989-present                   Pakistan / Afghanistan   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1989- Present                  Director; senior consultant ARIC                                           ACBAR Resource and Information Centre                                           (Agency coordinating Body for Afghan Relief) 1995-present                  Columnist, Afghanistan Nytt , Sweden 1993-2002                       Vice- Chair SPACH                                           (Society for the Preservation of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage) 1989                                 Lecturer Department Anthropology, University of north     Carolina / Chapel Hill and Center for Islamic and Arabian Studies, Duke University 1949-1989                       Consultant to UNESCO, UNDP, Ford    Foundation, World Bank (in Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ), India , Pakistan )                                           - BBC/TV; American Universities field staff film series                                                 (5 ethnographic films on Afghanistan , 1 on women); video on afghan architecture, 1880-1928)   Grants: 1988-1989                       (with L. Dupree) Fulbright Senior Scholar Grant to Afghanistan 1987                                 (with L. Dupree) Duke University Research Council Grant, to continue afghan refugees studies. 1984                                 (with L. Dupree) Ford Foundation, research on afghan refugees in Pakistan .
AWARDS: 1987                                                                  Outstanding achievement award, society of woman Geographers, new York Bronze medal for work with afghan refugees in Pakistan , international rescue committee, New York REPORTS FOR DEVELOPMENT/ ASSISTANCE AGENCIES Ford foundation; world Bank; international rescue committee; Swedish committee for Afghanistan; UNDP/ UNIFEM; Bernard van leer foundation; the Hague; UNOCHA; OSGAP( office of the UN secretary General’s personal representative in Afghanistan and Pakistan on cultural Heritage); ministry of justice; the Hague                                                                   PUBLICATIONS: 5 guide books on Afghanistan; ca.800 articles, reviews , encyclopedia en tries chapters in books , and monographs, on various afghan subjects, including afghan history, cultural, heritage, ethnography, archaeology, literature, folklore, education, sports, libraries, environment, constitutions,  women, women and law, women and agriculture

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