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National and Islamic Welfare Party of Afghanistan – Hezb-e- Saadat Melli va Eslami Afghanistan

15 May 2008 - 15:53

By; S.M.B.Mesbahzadeh
Having Islamic tendency, National and Islamic Welfare Party of Afghanistan was announced its existence on 27/12/1383, being founded and registered in Justice Ministry by Mulavi Mohammad Osman Salak Zadeh. Mr. Salak Zadeh was born in Charkent governing center in Balkh province in 1328 and educated in the field of religious sciences. In 1348, he wore turban (especial kind of headdress) beginning instruction in religious schools in Balkh province, accepting the responsibility of Jehad affairs regarding Islamic Revolution Movement led by Mulavi Mohammad Nabi Mohammadi in the region after 7th of Sawr coup in 1357.
Subsequent to collapse of Communist regime, Mulavi Salak Zadeh was appointed as the leader of the Jehadi religious authorities Council of Afghanistan and from 1372 to 1378 served as the governor of Balkh province. However, he immigrated to another country during the dominance of Taliban, returning to Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban and formed National and Islamic Welfare Party of Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, the statute of the party, similar to some newly seasonal established parties, has been written in a strange and odd literature to readers and can not be understood clearly.

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