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People’s Freedom Seeker Party of Afghanistan – Hezbe Azadikhahan Mardom Afghanistan

11 May 2008 - 9:02

During Jehad period, some Maoists announced their presence under the name of a party called “People’s Freedom Seeker Party of Afghanistan”. The Maoists leaflet, 23 Saur which was published in Germany, defined the party in Dalve (Bahman 1385) as follows: “ Being one of the Islamic parties of the country with campaign background against, People’s Freedom Seeker Party of Afghanistan is strongly opposing Imperialism Social and puppet government, fight with imperialists and reactionaries as well as correctly making a wise and clear difference between friends and enemies of People of Afghanistan.”   After confirmation of political parties’ law in Afghanistan, a party, namely “People’s Freedom Seeker Party of Afghanistan under the leadership of Fada Mohammad Ehsas was registered. In his autobiography, Ehsas has written to have secretly formed a group called “National Unity of Freedom Seeker” for the purpose of fighting against Taliban in 1377 and in 1380 following Bon Conference along with three other unknown institutes established another group named “Peace and Democracy Defenders Council of Afghanistan”, and subsequent to confirmation of Political parties’ law in 1383, he registered “National Unity of Freedom Seeker” under the designation of People’s Freedom Seeker Party of Afghanistan. (2)   Born in spring of 1329, Ehsas son of Haji Kheir Mohammad entered elementary and secondary schools in Mir Bacheh Khan high school in Kohdaman and got his associate degree in Teacher Training Academy.   Having graduated, he began his job as a teacher in Qareh Baq high school in Kabul province, Morad Beiq castle high school and Mir Bache Khan elementary school and involved in political activities after 1358, which he called Jehadi activities, in Pishawar, north and south-east areas of Afghanistan. Although, he has not given any reference in which party or Jehadi or non-Jehadi organization he was a member, this issue makes his main political and intellectual identity unknown. In spite of that, contemporaries of Ehsas and people of his generation who were familiar with political movements of the country from 1340s up to now, will find out from his biography that in 1347, when he was a student in 10th grade in Naderieh high school in Kabul, joined Maoism movement, which he called "Freedom and Liberal Movement", and in the spring of 1358, he became a member of Maoist small-size military groups not Islamic Jehad, organizing these groups under the slogan of "freedom and democracy".  Islamic groups Mojahedins, especially, Islamic Party of Afghanistan, could wipe out Maoist bases, mainly related to "SAMA" group, of northern regions during a an operation, which was called a "cowardly conspiracy of reaction in the line of defenders" by Mr. Zafari, who returned to Pishawar, Pakistan after the Mojahedins operation and the defeat of Maoists recommencing the organization of Maoists under the name of "Freedom and Democracy Followers" and going back to Balkh where he experienced another defeat making him find his way back to Quaita, Pakistan and as he has claimed to have been involved in managing Hazara Maoists in Quaita. Concerning that issue, he has written "In late 1363, I took refuged to Quaita in Pakistan and got involved in political activities along with Hazara brothers encouraging them to fight against Russian invaders!!"(3)   It seems as if Mr. Zafari was not aware of the fact, that before any Islamic or non-Islamic political movements, Hazara brothers had began the Islamic holy Jehad and campaign with imposed regime and later on with Russian occupiers in Daresouf and Samangan province in Hut of 1357 with public self-originated uprisings, and in 1358, the whole Hazarajat land was totally cleared from the presence of known Communists.   

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