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Historical background of Hamas

23 Apr 2008 - 8:57

This movement was, at first, a follower of Ekhvanul Muslemin, that is to say, it provided services as a "Social Welfare Institution", although, they have maintained their welfare and social measures for the time being, in spite of that, more of their activities are focused on fighting with Israel since the commencement of their military stage. Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) was founded by Sheikh Ahmad Yasin in 1987 with ideology rooted from Egyptian Ekhvanul Muslim. In 1973, Yasin laid the foundation of "Aljamaatol-Eslamieh" for the first time in order to cooperate with political actions of Ekhvanul Muslemin in Gaza. Afterwards, he established Hamas Movement as a political and regional arm of Ekhavanul Muslemin in 1987 following the start of first Entefazeh in occupied lands. Hamas is mainly famous for conducting suicidal attacks against Israeli objectives and forces. Arabs and Israel altercation is thought to be the altercation between Islam and Judaism by Hamas and Israel annihilation is the only way to solve the problem. Outlooks, beliefs and charter of Hamas
It is believed by some that the two ideas of Hamas "Palestinians Nationalism" and "Islamic Fundamentalism" have intermingled. This group considered to be obliged to annihilation of "Israel ", "Zionism identity", replacement of self-controlling government of Palestine with an Islamic one and raising the flag of Allah throughout of Palestine. According to this movement, Palestine is an Islamic country occupied by non-Muslims. "Jehad" is the only solution for Palestine issue, release of Palestine from the control of Israel is assumed as a religious duty of all Muslims are the ideas reflected by Hamas, unlike Palestine Liberation Organization that officially recognized Israel in 1988, is not only against legitimacy of the regime but also has been longing for the obliteration of Israel, opposing to its existence identity. Hamas has faith in establishment of an Islamic government and application of all dimensions of Islam in all aspect of life. Moreover, each Muslim, the whole society including men, women, teachers, students and so on is obliged to resist as well as performing revolutionary roles. A) Welfare measures and activities of Hamas
One of the reasons for Hamas being famous and well-known is welfare and social services to have been offered by the organization which provided widespread social, political, and even military services from the time of being set up, including construction of schools and hospitals. Part of annual budget of Hamas, $70 Million, is spent on the following areas: expansion of social services network, conducting educational and welfare programs, ensuring schools, orphanages and mosques, medical clinics, the poor feeding places, sport equipment and places. A Jewish scientist called, Rowen Paz, believes that 90% of Hamas activities are aimed at social, welfare, cultural and educational ones. These were the activities that brought amicability for Hamas among people, who have showed their political loyalty toward the organization, furthermore, Hamas provides financial assistance and scholarship to students willing to educate in Saudi Arabia or Europe. Additionally, Hamas provides people with cheap or free of charge medical services make Islamic charities, library and educational centers for women, having offered services in regard to building nursery houses and kindergarten, established religious schools and distribute food gratis among children. B) Outlook of Hamas leaders to Israel Some leaders of Hamas are longing for annihilation of Israel. After gaining victory in election on 25 January, 2006, one of leaders of Hamas, Mahmood Alazhar, rejected foreign requests for recognition of Israel in an interview with Almenar TV. When Hamas formed government, Doctor Alazhar recited:” I hope to put up the map of the world on wall of my house one day while there is no name of Israel on it…I hope that our desire for establishment of an independent government of Palestine containing all historical borders of the land comes true. I believe that Palestine government will be formed and there will not be a place for Israel government on this territory.” He also adds “It is very probable that with formation of Islamic government of Palestine all Jewish, Christians and Muslims can live under the banner of an Islamic reign.”  Alazhar continued: “Palestinians do not feel loathing of the Jewish; we only disagree with occupation of our land by Israel.” Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, before his assassination by Israel death squads, had stated that 2027 would be the of Israel’s ruin. Abdul Aziz Rentisy exaggerated and said: we want Israel to be eradicated form the map of the world. Rentisy added that holocaust is a Nazi- Zionism issue which aims to encourage the Jewish to migrate to Israel. Khaled Mashal, head of political office of Hamas stated: Hamas will stop military battle with Israel only in case they return to their 1967 borders, withdrawing from Palestine lands and accept the Palestinians right to come back. Charter of Hamas Charter of Hamas including 36 points was confirmed in 1988 with the objective of raising the flag of Allah all over Palestine and establishment of an Islamic government.
The motto of Hamas has been stated as follows:” God is our goal, Prophet is our model and Quran is our law; Jehad is our way and death for the sake of God is our topmost ambition.” Moreover, in this charter the aim of Hamas has been stated to be “protection of the suppressed, execution of justice and campaign with injustice.” It is believed by Hamas that Palestine land is left for the next generation of Muslims up to resurrection day. Islamic Resistance Movement is a separate Palestine Movement which is only loyal to “Allah” and their lifestyle is based on Islam. We make attempts to raise the flag of Allah throughout Palestine for the purpose of providing followers of all religions to live under the protection of an Islamic rule in peaceful coexistence, peace and security. Islamic Resistance Movement believes that Palestine has been dedicated to Islam, and deposited to coming generation of Muslims and any part of that should not be given to others. Main Leaders of Hamas A) Khaled Mashal
He was born in 1956 in western- lands, graduated from Kuwait University in physics, being the leader of Palestinian Students Islamic Movement; Mashal can be called the leader of Hamas. B) Esmail Haniyeh
Esmail Haniyeh, 40 years old, is a graduate from Islamic University of Gaza in the field of Arabic literature. He is one of those famous figures who were exiled to Lebanon in early 1990. He is thought to have balanced and calm strategy, however, some see it as a tactic. C) Musa Abumarzugh
Musa Abumarzugh, born in Gaza in 1951, received his PHD in the field of industrial engineering from the United States, being the deputy of Hamas leader, and for the time being, he is living in Syria. Having lived in Jordan and the United States for many years, he was tried in a court not-being present and was sentenced to banishment in 2004; he was claimed to have been involved in financial support of Hamas activities. D) Mahmood Al-azhar
Born in Gaza, He studied medicine in Cairo, one of the main members of founders of Hamas. He is the leader of Hamas party in parliament. E) Aziz Duik
He was born in 1948, and received his PHD from Pennsylvania University, exiled to Lebanon in 1992 and became spokesman of the deported in Lebanon. F) Shiekh Hasan Yusef
He is 50 years old, having been in charge of western-lands on the half of Hamas after 2001, imprisoned now in Israel prison. Some believe that if he is released moderation will enter Hamas system.

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