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God\'s Party of Afghanistan- Hezb-e-Allah-e Afghanistan

17 Apr 2008 - 15:56

By; Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh

God's Party of Afghanistan is one of the most important Shiite Jehadi groups of Afghanistan in south-west region of the country. The party at first was called "God's Front", established by Shahid Ali Pahlavan, Khalil Habibi, Haji Morteza, Qulam Rasul Hashemi, Khalil Sheikh Zadeh and …a lot of efforts were made for its expansion. God's Party of Afghanistan officially announced its existence by publishing a declaration on 14/7/1359 and achieved a strong position in Herat. Primary members of the party included Shahid Ali Pahlavan, Khalil Habibi, Haji Morteza, Qulam Rasul Hashemi, Qari Ahmad Ali Qur Darvazi, Khalil Sheikh Zadeh, Mostafa Farahi, Mohammad Ali Rajai, Shahid Haji Naroz, Sayyid Baqer Zarqar, Abdul Khaleq, Haji Qulam Ali Entezari and Qulam Mahbob known as Kateb Banai. Integrated organization was did not exist in the party, since making decisions was depended on Qari Ahmad which is probably one of the reasons separations from  God's Party of Afghanistan. The first people who separated from the party were Sheikh Zadeh, Rajai and Haj Kazem Atazadeh and joined Islamic Society of Afghanistan under the supervision of Basir. Shahid Haji Naroz separated twice, once in 1363 but returned and then in 1366, he was martyred on 24 Hut of the same year. In 1365, Kateb and Hashemi left the party, the biggest separation took place in 1367, when a great number of military commanders, clerics and some responsible quitted the party. Despite seven separations from the party, it developed in Nimruz, Farah, Uruzgan, Fariab, and even Bamian and become a member of Islamic Coalition Council of Afghanistan, in the third round of election of Islamic Coalition Council of Afghanistan, Qari Ahamd was appointed as the spokesman.
On 15/7/1371, God's Party of Afghanistan united with Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and Qari Ahamd was chosen as the head of south-west region of this party. The joint of God's party to Islamic Unity Party was announced via a ceremony in Herat on Monday (21/7/1371), publishing a declaration to ask all classes of people and Islamic movements of the country to maintain their unity and integrity in order to ensure security and respect the martyrs of Islamic revolution. The context of the declaration there follows: "After various sessions in Tehran and Mashhad and in particular after last week's historical meeting, based on religious and divine duties for the purpose of fortifying the pillars of unification and at the process of establishment of an Islamic government, God's party has officially attached Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and begins its activities in the direction of this organization's objectives." Following the division of Islamic Unity into two wings of Akbari and Mazari, Qari Ahmad announced his impartiality at first, subsequently, he revived God's party in 1374, and the new deciding council of God's party composed of 21 members was formed in 1377.Qari Ahmad Ali, Shirzad Hashemi, Mohammad Taher Zamani, Hayatollah Heidarian, Engineer Hasani, Babo Abdulkhaleq Gebreilli, Sayyid Amir Shah Naseri, Abdulkarim Ehsani, Toran Nazari, Sayyid Kazem Musavi, Sayyid Baqer Shah, Hanif Baba Khan, Qurban Zadeh and Sayyid Zaher were the prominent members of this council. At the time, the responsibility of deciding council was on Shirzad Hashemi, yet, God's party has connected with Qari's name during Jehad period and his credibility and historical role in holy Jehad of Afghanistan people and in ancient Herat can not be ignored. It should be noted that after confirmation of political parties' law, God's party has been registered in the name of Haj Ahmad Ali (Qari Ahmad Ali) the son of Haji Qurban.
The articles of association of the party have been compiled in 29 points and its statute has been written in three chapters and 45 points. At a part of new articles of association of the party has been stated "In new round of organizational structure, God's party invites all staff of the party to take part as well as possible in establishing a comprehensive and essential organization in order to stabilize their political and historical position more than past in this process for the high benefits of Afghanistan Islamic Revolution which is the product of respected and spotless martyrs, and fundamentally, perform their responsibilities for solving current problems in various aspects such as political, cultural, social and economical ones for ensuring nationwide peace on the basis of social justice and establishment of public rule in different fields of reconstruction of the country, founded on public and national mission and with trust in eternal power of God, and take active share in forming a sound national society".
Integrated system, national stable rule on the basis of people's votes and desires, away from any civil and regional disagreements is the favorable government of God's Party of Afghanistan. Significant aims of the party which are stated in its statute include denial of any religious, ethnical, tribal supremacy over others, participation of all classes of community in the whole governmental affairs, revival of women's rights within constitution framework, press freedom, establishment of cultural, social, political and civil institutions, compiling a program by the government to prevent any form of terrorist movements in Afghanistan and world community, respect to beliefs of all classes of Afghanistan society and …
Organizational structure of God's Party of Afghanistan consist of : public congress, central council, administrative board and eight committees including political affairs committee, public relations committee, social affairs committee, cultural and art affairs committee, administration affairs committee, women's affairs committee, martyrs and disabled committee and inspection committee.

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