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People\'s Aspirations party of Afghanistan – Hezb-e- Arman Mardom Afghanistan

16 Apr 2008 - 15:54

By; Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh
People's Aspirations party of Afghanistan which was officially registered by Serajoddin Zafari in Ministry of Justice in 1383 has been described in its statute as follows: " People's aspirations party of Afghanistan is political organization of the country, strive and struggle for the purpose of forming national forces concerning all, intellectuals, cultural figures, workers, peasants, scholars, clerics, professors as well as all peace-seeker and compatriot people of Afghanistan. [People's aspirations party of Afghanistan] is formed on the basis of political freedom and establishment of nationwide security, and supporter of political, cultural, economical independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, social justice, their own and people's rights. People's aspirations party of Afghanistan firmly admits this respectful issue that the religion of Islam is the religion of the whole people of Afghanistan, and responsibly attempt to serve for the freedom of performances of religious ceremonies of followers and believers of other faiths and religions. The party believes in the principles of obedience of democracy, publicity, and volunteer-ness, collective thought and individual responsibility for its internal life, and its organizational and sectarian structure and activities rely upon standards of constitution and political parties' law of transitional Islamic government of Afghanistan."
The statute and article of association of People's Aspirations party of Afghanistan indicates to secularism of the party, religious beliefs are not conditioned for membership; although, the fact that holy religion of Islam like national unification is an important element of thought unification in a community has been confessed in the first point of internal political section of its statute, however, no role has been allocated to Islam in running and regulating the society in various social, economical, cultural and political areas. Despite the reality that ensuring long-lasting national and thought unification which is the main and essential issue in Afghanistan, implied in the statute of People's Aspirations party of Afghanistan, will not come true except under the protection of Islamic ideas dominating all aspects of life. Some comparatively secondary issues including: civil society, Western human rights declaration, women's rights, press and speech freedom, brutality, going to extremes, ideas inspection, torture and ….which are more slogans to practical are counted as the main struggle aims of the party. Indeed, they are paying close attention to ensuring their own motto-like fuel, and interests of Western dominance-seekers, in particular the United States in the region, instead of honestly and knowingly analyzing and observing Afghanistan people's problems. On the other hand, it is observable that leftist and communist political literatures have intentionally or unintentionally been applied, given that it has happened knowingly, it means that prominent Communist intellectuals infected with dead virus of Communism are present at this party.  

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