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Homeland\'s Freedom Seekers Party- Hezb-e- Azadi khahan Mihan

16 Apr 2008 - 15:57

By; Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh

Sayyed Abdulhadi Dabir, one of presidency candidates in the first round, has registered Homeland's freedom Seekers party in Justice Ministry after confirmation of Political parties' law. Abdulhadi, son of Sayyid Osman was born in Farkhar governing center in Takhar province in 1341, attending Abuosman Taleqani primary and high school. Having graduated, he took part in "political movements in the country" and fought against Russian invaders during Jehad period and Taliban movement during resistance period as he himself has claimed. However, like other leaders with Communist backgrounds, he has not clarified in which Jehadi or non-Jehadi groups he had been a member or under what designation he has served during Jehad and resistance periods. The statute of the party has not been dominated with ordinary concepts and words from Communist Culture and Western common liberalism mottoes which are ruminated by Communist and non-Communist groups pretending to be Muslim after the United States' invasion to Afghanistan, however, Islam and its main role in national identity of Afghanistan people has been underscored. The party has been presented as a national one not an Islamic one, despite confirming the idea that religion is not separated from politics.
General objectives of the party have been compiled in 12 points including: "obedience and support of rules of holy religion of Islam and fortifying national unification", independence, national sovereignty and territorial integration, "obedience and application of constitution in the country", mixed and multi-parts economy based on free market, expansion of education, "fight against any form of terrorism, cultivation, production and smuggling narcotics drugs in cooperation with universal community" and …
Political and international affairs section which is the most important part of this party's statute has charged the party with duty of execution of 10 goals as follows: total obedience of assigned rules in the country under the protection of application of constitution on the basis of people dominated and democracy, expansion of wide political participation, promotion of patience culture and establishing a sense of confidence among public.
The aim of the party regarding Islam and democracy has been stated as follows: "The holy religion of Islam is the religion of action, thinking and the way of human and social life; therefore, it composes the most essential pillar of our national, historical and cultural identity. Hence, being a national group, Homeland's Freedom Seekers Party never thinks of their religion separated from politics, and founded on accepted terms in political parties' law, no party can protest to religious laws of Islam or act against it. Since, democracy is on the base of freedom, thus, [in view of Homeland's Freedom Seekers Party], freedom is restricted by law, and [this party] do not step beyond law….democracy is a principle to transfer sovereignty to people and establishment of public-dominance which is the foundation of national sovereignty, consequently, Homeland's Freedom Seekers Party considers the fulfillment of that aim essential in political and social areas of the community."       

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