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Islamic party of Afghans\' Homeland –Hezb-e- Eslami Watan Afghan

16 Apr 2008 - 15:52

By; Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh
Islamic party of Afghans' Homeland led by Mohammad Hasan Firuz Khalil, was established in 1381. The statute of the party has been compiled in 8 chapters and 82 points in Pashtu language which reveals the nature of the party as an Islamic one with tribal and sectarian inclination. The first chapter of statute of Islamic party of Afghans' Homeland indicates:
"1- the name of this party is Islamic party of Afghans' Homeland.
 2- Islamic party of Afghans' Homeland is a common place for those devoted and compatriot Afghans who grasp other Afghans' hands as brothers in order to make an independent, free, advanced and Islamic Afghanistan which is the desire of Afghan society.
3- All practical programs of Islamic party of Afghans' Homeland in any section have been arranged under the protection of Islam and Afghan traditions.
4- Leader and the whole members of the party are bound to perform Islamic laws and Afghan culture in their individual and social lives."
A three member supervising council, central council, executive council and provincial council make up organizational structure of the party. Supervising council is the most influential and competent authority of the party.
Mohammad Hasan Firuz Khalil, son of Haji Dad Mohammad, from Ahmad Baba governing center in Paktia province, received his bachelor degree from Imam Mohammad Eslamieh University in Riaz, Saudi Arabia. According to his biography he did not belong to any party and worked as a businessman until temporary government of Afghanistan led by Karzai when he was appointed as culture and information head in Paktia province.

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