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It can be said that the primary core of ISGA was formed at the beginning of Jehad in central regions and areas around Kabul in case the yardstick is Mojahed individuals and personalities, since the starters and pioneers of Jehad in the areas were people known as founders and leaders of ISGA later on including: Aytollah Taqadusi, Sheikh Zamen Ali Mohaqeq, Shiekh Sadeqi Nili, and Mohammad Akbari.
Islamic Struggle Guards of Afghanistan (ISGA) – Hezb-e-Pasdaran Jahad Eslami Afghanistan
Given the criterion is forming a group and political house, the original cores of establishing ISGA go back to 1359 with non-party members and some dissatisfied members of the time's parties, in particular, Revolutionary Harmony Islamic Council of Afghanistan (Shora-e- Enqelabi Etefaq Eslami Afghanistan) and Islamic Movement of Afghanistan who set up the ISGA in 1362. At early times of ISGA most young and educated members of the group installed military and Islamic resistance bases in different regions against Communists and occupying Russian forces.
 The most famous and significant bases related to ISGA included Imam Mahdi (Aj) base in Uni valley (Qulam Hussin Qul), Imam Hussein (a.s) base in Sanglakh valley and Salman base led by Sayyid Abass Abassi in Fuladi valley in Bamian. However, prominent founders of this Jehadi process inside Afghanistan consisted: Sayyid Hussein Alavi, Ayatollah Taqadusi, Sheikh Mohammad Akbari, Haji Sayyid Aziz Adel Zadeh, Sayyid Abass, Haj Sharif, Sheikh Zamen Ali Mohaqeq, Mohammad Ebrahim and Sayyid Mohammad Baqer Mesbah Zadeh.
 This movement basically formed in protest to deviations and insufficiencies of the time's parties, unfortunately, was ruled by the most disqualified and refuse members related to those incapable parities. Dissimilar and even stranger members gathered and administered affairs of the organization, the process went on up to the end, consequently, the desire of fair dealing and real bereaved youth to server their people and to form a sound, powerful group equipped with Islamic thoughts and ideas was sacrificed to passion of the uninformed, opportunists, looters, and even deviated ones who had penetrated into the line of Jehad. Alas! The same members of were recognized as founders and leaders of ISGA, then appeared with the assistance of present known sources, and thousands of  Mojahed people's children lost their lives for sectarian and group conflicts during civil wars. People were killed, displaced and ruined, however, these unknown and poor members of parties lead to wealth, and fame as well as being ruler of province, ministers and members of parliaments for the name of people and Islamic Jehad. Although, this fact does not only apply to ISGA group but also undoubtedly to majority of Jehadi groups including Shiite and Sunni ones, especially bigger parties and groups.
 Outside the country, some who had misappropriated the leadership of this Jehadi Movement had opened five central bases, appointing their familiar people as responsible, and formed a representation council which separated into two wings namely, the wing of Ayatollah Mohaqeq Kabuli (Turkmani) and the wing of Zahedi.  This representation council, actually plundering council, was composed of five central bases  and these bases included:
1-     Khatamul anbia (s.a) central base in Behsud where Ayatollah Mohaqeq Kabuli was in charge.
2-     Ali ebne Abitaleb (a.s) central base in Waras administered by Akbari.
3-     Nabuwat central base in Qazni, controlled by Zahedi.
4-     Edalat central base in Uruzgan ruled by Sadeqi Nili.
5-     Resalat central base in north of Afghanistan.
 Islamic Struggle Guards of Afghanistan was one of parties founded Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and disbanded afterward. Akabari and Zahedi, the leaders of this group, carried basic roles in scarifying Shiite groups for the benefits of Nasar organization and on the other side for the interests of Communists and opportunist Mongo-lists.
Author: Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh
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