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Afghanistan People's Islamic Movement Party is a separated branch of Afghanistan Islamic Movement Jehadi group led by Ayatollah Mohseni
Afghanistan People's Islamic Movement Party is a separated branch of Afghanistan Islamic Movement Jehadi group led by Ayatollah Mohseni. its formation dates back to the time, Sayyid Hussein Anvari, one of famous commanders of Islamic Movement had dispute with Ayatollah Mohseni in 1378, when Taliban dominated the country, continuing his activities cooperating Ahamd Shah Masood and Borhanoddin Rabani's government during resistance period time against Taliban irrespective of the leadership of Islamic Movement, Ayatollah Mohseni. When Anvari was at the position of Agriculture Minister in temporary government led by Hamed Karzi following the confirmation of political parties' law, this separated branch was nominated "Afghanistan People's Islamic Movement Party" in an extraordinary meeting held by central council of Pro-Anvari on 1-2/11/1382 and registered in Justice Ministry. This party has compiled a new so-called statute in agreement with current phase of events in Afghanistan, in which Islamic concepts and terms are weakened in the pretext of applying so-called expressions such as political system, people chieftain democracy [= people chieftain?], political pluralism, civil society, freedom of speech and thought, and ….which in fact are vomited and out-of –date ones from 19th century, so as to display a modern, democratic feature in accordance with irresponsible and opportunists intellectuals. The issue of instrumental application or misuse of Islam, which is spitefully stated by Communist and Secular groups, has knowingly or unknowingly been written in the 19th point of the group's statute, as an example. Although, the fact of misusing Islam in any form and by anyone is denounced; however, spitefully propounding of Islam in order to condemn Islamic Movement and according to the Western, Secular and anti-religion intellectuals' interpretation "politicizing Islam" is not acceptable. On the other hand, what is the necessity of stating such an issue within the articles of association of Parties, why only misuse of Islam is stated and not other topics such as misuse of human rights,  terrorism, civil society and …?   The preface context of Afghanistan people's Islamic Movement Party's statute follows: "at the moments our dear country, Afghanistan, was evaded by internal Communists and then was crushed under the boots of occupying Red Army of former Soviet Union, Afghanistan Islamic Movement [led by Ayatollah Mohseni] came into being in the political and military ground of Afghanistan on Hamal 19, 1358. undoubtedly, as an active organization has performed its mission toward holy military Jehad against invaders accompanied by people and other Jehadi movements, leaving a bright record in the history of the country, thousands of martyrs, crippled and arrests all over the land are eternal testimonies. We believe that Islamic Movement with all challenges, and through ups and downs of struggle have completed their mission during Jehad and resistance toward Holy God and people of Afghanistan. Currently, a new phase of political changes have come up regarding the two decade events in our contemporary history and happened crises. It is required now that thoughts, ideas, and talents should be directed toward peaceful activities political, economical, cultural and social basis. We, considering the new situation, and understanding country's facts, strive to direct our strategy toward an Islamic community, people dominated, pluralism, freedom of speech and thought, social justice, particularly ensuring independence, territorial integrity, national dominance, and also free, flourishing and powerful Afghanistan. At first, the designation of Islamic movement is changed to "Afghanistan people's Islamic Movement Party", second, strategically, political, cultural and social activities are our lead, third, contently, the organizational structure change and cooperation of new members have been recorded in the statute of Afghanistan people's Islamic Movement Party. We present our objectives founded on the framework of mentioned ideas."   Attempts have been done, in the statute of Afghanistan people's Islamic Movement Party, to display political and cultural dominance period of the West under the name of "new phase" in Afghanistan, in spite of that, its Islamic and Jehadi tendency has been reflected as well which is contradictory similar to Afghanistan constitution and Communist and Secular groups. The organizational structure of the party includes: Congress, Central office, leadership mission, provincial council, area, governing center and regional. Administrational structure of the party includes: political and strategic research head [!!], plan and organization head, cultural and promotion head, social and health service head, women affairs head, unions head, financial and administrational head and martyrs and crippled head. Weekly publication of "Mardom" (people) is printed by Afghanistan People's Islamic Movement Party.
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