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United Afghanistan Party- Hezb-e- Afghanistan Wahed

9 Apr 2008 - 11:13

In reference to biography of its leader and its statute, United Afghanistan Party was in secret established under the designation of "Homeland Rescue Party" on 1/4/1378, renamed to "United Afghanistan Party" on 13/1/1383. Mohammad Wasel, the leader of the party, announced during a conversation with French Radio on 30/11/1380 that Homeland Rescue Party had been covertly set up along with a number of intellectuals in Kabul on 1/4/1378. The objective of Homeland Rescue Party had been declared to be a policy sans leftist extremist and rightist cleric. Mohammad Wasel Rahimi and Engineer Qulam Farouq were elected as the head and deputy of the party respectively during leadership meeting of the party on 1/4/1378. the members of leadership party in that time included Mohammad Wasel Farouq, Qulam Farouq, Abuldazim Qafari, Mirza Shah, Engineer Faramuz, Moalem Abuldjabar, Khamum Sakineh, Asadullah, Habibul Rahman, Sayyid Ali Husaini and Mia Gul Wasiq. Homeland Rescue Party is one of those seasonal and secular parties whose leader possesses inclination background to Communist Regime, the existence of the party was officially declared in a meeting in Kabul on 1/4/1383. Its organization structure depends on general assembly, leadership council, and supervision body, provincial and local councils. The main goals of the party have been stated in its articles of association indicating "establishment of a government on the basis of people's votes respecting to national and Islamic values, fortifying of unification and solution of national problem through ensuring equal political, social and cultural rights of all tribes as well as severe struggle against power-seeking and national disunion". Mohammad Wasel Rahimi, leader of United Afghanistan Party, offspring of Mohammad Sadeq was born in a military family in Morad Beig castle in Shekar Dareh, Kabul on 20/3/1342, highly educated in the field of Military in Ukraine during former Soviet Union. In 1367 he started teaching armor-plated tactics in Military university of Kabul, but subsequent of Taliban dominance involved in business. Rahimi once more commenced teaching in high level courses of officers, and retired in 11/1/1382.   

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