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Arianan private network with "ATN" trademark was inaugurated on Tuesday, 16, August 2005 with participation of some governmental officials and press members.
Arianan private network with "ATN" trademark was inaugurated on Tuesday, 16, August 2005 with participation of some governmental officials and press members. This network, the fourth private television network with official authorization after Aineh, Afghan and Tollu, is probably financially supported by "Afghan Bisim" cell-phane Corporation. Ariana network is depended to "Bayat Foundation" (under the supervision of Ehsan Allah Bayat, a Shiite form Qazni), initially, began its programs with five broadcasting central offices in some big cities of Afghanistan, now is one of considerable networks of country. They are expected to raise their offices to eleven throughout the country until October, 2008. The officials of Ariana Television have named ATN as "A window for a better tomorrow".   Ariana Television has two national and international channels, the national channel is accessible via Insat satellite 3(A3) all over Afghanistan and 70 world countries. This channel is being broadcasted over many Afghanistan big cities through land transmitters.   Mr, Karzai , president of the country, while expressing his contentment about growing process of media within the homeland, asked for improvement of media's quality as well as their efforts to assist people's culture and growth. Ehasn Allah Bayat, head of the network, has stated reinforcement of national unification, brotherhood, and development of public thoughts, religious awareness, and fortifying people's traditions, educational, recreational and scientific as their broadcasting policy as well as presenting the best. Mr, Bayat has added that Ariana TV is accessible through satellite all over the country and 70 world countries, in addition, in near future, 16 provinces of the country will be able to receive the programs via land.   Dr, Rahin, former culture minister, has called for this network's laying emphasis on real need of the society and Afghans' culture to fight against the West culture.   Ariana Television has been introduced as a non-governmental and unaffiliated one which established with an investment of $4 millions, employing 140 clerks.   The fourth private television network has commenced its activities, while people are not satisfied with the feedbacks of private ones, objecting to their programs which do not show respect to their costumes and beliefs.   International broadcast of Ariana Television began in late 1384 covering North America. The network would like to start broadcasting its programs in Europe in near future. (1)       International Network of Ariana Afghanistan   Intenational television of Ariana Afghanistan is also depended on "Bayat Foundation" that is broadcasting its programs from Orange California city for the United States, Europe and Afghanistan. Nabil Qamin Meskinyar is running this television who according to himself was the deputy of Public Library of Kabul. International channel is accessible via Hotbird 25 and Galaxy 25 satellites in Europe and the United States.     1.    More about Ariana Television Network   Mission Mr. Ehsan Bayat, the founder and CEO of Telephone Systems International (TSI), launched a private, non-partisan, television and radio station in Kabul in the summer of 2005: ARIANA Television Network (ATN) and ARIANA FM (FM 93.5). ATN provides original content that helps re-kindle Afghan traditions and culture, as well as English-language and international programming that offer “a window for a better tomorrow,” bringing the world to all Afghans. ATN programming places particular emphasis on education, health, children’s programming, and women’s and world issues.   Mr. Bayat’s main objective in starting his media businesses (akin to his other projects in Afghanistan) is his desire to give something back to his home country, which suffered greatly in 25 years of war. • Ariana Radio & Television is the leading electronic broadcasting service provider service provider in Afghanistan. • Its operation began in August 2005. • Afghan Initiative – now the number one station in Afghanistan and abroad • Programming places particular emphasis on education, health, children’s programming, women’s and world issues • Intelligent and stimulating programs • Audience experience other lands, cultures, and also parts of their native Afghanistan for the first time • ATN is an “A Window for a Better Tomorrow” for the Afghan people • Non-partisan position used to broadcast accurate, unbiased news to the audience as events occur • Brings current events and news from the various regions of Afghanistan to Afghans abroad and vice a versa. • A place for local Afghani talents to come together to create unique and valuable television • Expands opportunities for writers, directors, producers, and actors within the creative Afghan communities • Creating programs on Afghani arts and culture and traditions that were lost during many years of war • Expose the audience to international arts and culture by bringing the best of arts & culture television from around the world. • Mission to unite the many regions of Afghanistan and Afghans scattered all over the world, under one flag; a community which – Despite of varied demographics – will still share in a common interest:  to reconnect with Afghanistan and help rebuild it.   Network • Largest private Network in Afghanistan • Covering 29 provinces in Afghanistan and millions of Afghans around the world • All provinces in Afghanistan to be completed by 2008 • For those without a TV, ATN also provides Ariana Radio • Focused towards – information, education, and entertainment • Viewed all across Afghanistan and Abroad • Non- partisan – connecting all   Our Reach National Channel: Ariana Television has the largest domestic coverage in Afghanistan.  All major provinces are covered through direct satellite beam; this ensures that our broadcast reaches every hook and corner of the country.  We have non-stop full coverage in 28 provinces, the highest and largest coverage so far in Afghanistan.    International Channel:  ATN has coverage in International Terrain as well.  Large International markets are covered like USA, Canada, Europe, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Dubai, Egypt, Cambodia, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, to add a few.   ATN Content • Popular Entertainment Content • Varied in-house productions with different genres: • Morning Shows • Countdown Shows • Educational Shows • News in Dari, Pashto, and English • Popular Indian Soaps dubbed in local languages • Comedy • Current Affairs • Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)   Frequencies Satellite Parameters D/L Frequency: 11867 MHz D/L Polarity: Vertical Symbol Rate:22.000 Msym FEC: 2/3
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