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Youth National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan -Hezbe Hambastagi Melli Javanan Afghanistan

5 Apr 2008 - 11:28

Youth National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (HAMJA) was established by Mohammad Jamil Karzai, Zulfaghar Omid and another person in 1998 (1377LHY) and has been registered in the name of Mohammad Jamil Karzai on 1/2/1384. Mr,Omid had separated from the party setting up another party namely labor and development of Afghanistan, registered in 1381. The article of association of Youth National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan including the objectives of the party has been compiled into four chapters with 26 parts as well as a preface. Part of its preface says "It is essential that our respected compatriots inside or outside the country, from any where, considering their historical prides, should perfume their human, moral prophecy and responsibility as well as the current existing requirements , give up any form of tribalism, religionism, supporting figures, discriminations,  niggardliness and misunderstandings for the satisfaction of only God and for the development of  dear Afghanistan so as to stop our enemies from more penetration among us and lead this nation to destruction any more. Dear fellows, we believe that our life, property and control is at the will of God and our glory and sufferings are assigned by God. Additionally, public advancement, welfare and becoming one of those advanced and developed countries is solely possible under national unification, people dominance and endeavoring and working together. Let's grasp each others hands, trust in God, step toward eradication of tribal, lingual and religious displeasures and paving the grounds for the purpose of development and reconstruction of our ruined land and for maintaining national unification." The main objectives of Youth National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan have been stated in the first chapter of its constitution which includes: 1-     Our goal is doing real services on the basis of holy religion of Islam and national traditions without any form of prejudice. 2-     Ensuring national unification, maintaining independence, national authority, territorial integrity and removal of different and mutual conflicts has been our objective. 3-     National elections in Afghanistan founded on the principle of respect to free desires of people, and active participation of the whole individual of Afghan nation in organizing their national and political lives via Afghan Loy Girga must always be planned. 4-      Our aim has been the cultural, scientific and educational growth of the young generation especially to the obliged of this solidarity (Youth National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan) according to holy Islam for the objective of services to out country and particular national rights have been allocated to learned, knowledgeable and devoted people as pioneers of history makers. 5-     Intellectual, political unification, understanding, trust and brotherhood in development and reconstruction of the country sans bias and tendencies to a special side. 6-     Individual and collective rights, free of charge education, women rights, employment of men and women, education of every Afghan man and woman at national and international levels are the rights which compose our particular aims.   The membership criteria to the party have been expressed in the 15th part of its constitution that include such as "bound and obedience to Islamic and national standards" and "Afghan citizenship." Performance and obedience to Islamic rules and avoidance of any prejudice, discord and oppression are duties and responsibilities assigned to the members of the party in the 17th part of its constitution. It should be mentioned that literarily and contextually the constitution of Youth National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan is one of those weak ones which are incredibly obscure, therefore the complete context of the constitution is not stated here.   Mohammad Jamil Karzai , the responsible of the party, son of Rahamt allah Karzai was born on 12/12/1354 in Kabul, however, he is originally from Dand governing center in Kandahar province. He has educated in the filed of journalism and can speak English and Urdu. He was in teaching career in Ahmad Ba-ba high school from 1357 to 1377.     

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