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Afghanistan National Unity Party which is named "National Unity Party of Afghanistan" in the first article of its constitution has been set up by Abdul Rashid Jalili ..........
Afghanistan National Unity Party which is named "National Unity Party of Afghanistan" in the first article of its constitution has been set up by Abdul Rashid Jalili with Communist background and pro-Democratic Khalgh Party of Afghanistan. Doctor Abdul Rashid Jalili whose father's name is not written in his biography, was born in Chuki governing area in Konar province in Sonboleh 1318. He has educated in the field of agriculture in Kabul University and got his postgraduate degree from Virming University in the United States. Having received his PHD in Micro Biology from Ukraine in 1356, he began working as a professor in Agriculture Department of Kabul University. He has served as the head of Kabul University, education minister, agriculture and territorial development minister following the coup in 7th of Sawr in 1357. The general assembly of National Unity Party of Afghanistan was held outside the country, when Jalili was appointed as the leader of the Party. National Unity Party of Afghanistan is wishful to reforms for the purpose of saving Afghanistan from backwardness, according to the constitution of the party which states" Afghanistan has been a backward country which requires immediate and severe reforms to develop and progress. Although, some classes of people and individuals will suffer during the process of reforms and will stand against them. Foreign enemies of our people who have strived to block Afghanistan from any development and advancement will support the anti-reforms consequently any reforming process has faced with blood and war. They have pushed back the pro-headway and advancement people, thus have always made their attempts to subjugate and destroy the Afghans. However, our brave people have never accepted a life under the dominance of foreigners, having defeated any invaders and occupiers historically, by offering many financial and spiritual sacrifices, in this manner, they have not only defended their independence, national, historical values and religious saints but also have influenced other liberal movements  and countries." Reforms and counter-reforms are concepts which have been used in Afghanistan political dictionary in recent decades by pro-Aman allah Khan Communists and Seculars, who principally, aimed at the traditional community of Afghanistan to be converted into a secular one as well as promoting and spreading Western culture whilst, to justify it, economical, political and cultural reforms, and generally, Afghanistan advancement was excused. Contrary to Communists and Seculars no one has ever objected not to headway and progress in Afghanistan nor to constructive economical and political, even social and cultural reforms in the country, the objections in Aman allah Khan and Communists periods, from which the spiteful misused were ones with alienation, anti-religious actions, blind imitation of the West cultural truism and imported ideologies not with its scientific and civilized achievements. Political affairs and system are defined as follows in the first part of Afghanistan National Unity Party's constitution:" for the purpose of establishing, defending and maintaining a nation-wide government system founded on the whole Afghanistan people's free desires, according to Islam guidance, unanimous in Afghanistan people's traditions and believes, based on democracy, lawful rules and authority, Afghanistan National Unity Party make indefatigable efforts." The Party has defined some responsibilities for the government including peace fortification, forming national army, paving the grounds for refugees' return and their settlement," defense of Islamic identity, independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity of Afghanistan, prevention of foreign interferences in internal affairs of the homeland, defense of all aspects of democracy, battle with any dictatorship, tyranny, prejudice and discrimination"(1) fortification of national solidarity, defense of women's rights based on constitution of the country and ….. Revival of Afghanistan in respect of economy on the basis of Islamic values and free market principles has been stated in the second part of the articles of association of this party. Afghanistan National Unity Party has announced readiness for organizational unification with "democratic members and forces" (2)  with identical ideas," and invited all political organizations and figures willing to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan to come together around a common political platform for high interests of the country and to form a common throughout national front to save the country."(3)  Idioms such as democratic, national entire front, political platform and ….which are used in the articles of association of this party are the ones applied more by leftist Communist forces; it reveals that the leader of the party still follows leftist and Communist ideas.   Constitution of National Unity Party, first part, Political affairs. The same source, following part three, designated "Remarkable points". The same source, the same part and title.
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