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Sayyid Shamsoddin Majrooh was bron in Shinkork region in Barkonar governing center situated in Konar province in 1289. His father....
Sayyid Shamsoddin Majrooh was bron in Shinkork region in Barkonar governing center situated in Konar province in 1289. His father, Sayyid Hazrat Shah, a pro-Sufis in Hadieh Jalal-Abad area was involved in Islam propagation in Norestan, inviting Konar people in Jehad against the English during their invasion to Indian Subcontinent and Afghanistan. Majrooh educated traditionally in a school founded by his mother, Bi-bi Hava, became familiar with literature, poems and Sufism. Majrooh could go to senate as an elected senator when he was young in 1316, and then appointed as the head of national bank detection and cooperative supply respectively. In addition, he served as the independent head of ethnics during Sardar Mohammad Davood Khan’s chancellery, since (Hut 1341-1344) within Docotor Mohammad Yousef’s transitional rule; he was the justice minister as well as the head of the 7th member commission of drafting the constitution in 1344. He also worked as Justice Minister, deputy of chancellor and later on as Afghanistan ambassador in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan from 1343 to 1347 during the elected government of Doctor Yousef. He was reelected as a member of senate following his services as an ambassador, and retired in 1373. Sayyid Shamsoddin Majrooh moved to Pakistan with his family following the former Soviet Union’s invasion to Afghanistan in 1358, where he commenced a tribal and Jehadi movement named “Union of Konar province” so as to participate in the Jehad of Afghanistan Muslim people against the Communists, however, he was under cross-questions and investigation in Pakistan due to his objection with the country’s interferences in Afghanistan’s affairs, and in 1990 he took refuge in the United States. Pro-Khalgh wing Communists in Democratic Khalgh Party of Afghanistan, have introduced Majrooh as one of the leaders who founded Wish-Zalimian group in “Wish-Zalmian” booklet., Sayyid Naim Majrooh, has written that since Majrooh was involved in the cabinet he was not a distinguished member of Wish-Zalimian group, However, he has confessed his active role in forming this nationalistic movement of Wish-Zalmian. According to testimonies, Majrooh seems to have had uncoordinated tribal and lingual tendency. The late Sayyid Shamsoddin Majrooh was a cultural figure, writer and poet in addition, who had relation with poets and writes including Khalil-allah Khalili, Goya, Abdul Rahman Pejwak and Gul Pacha Olfat. His complete works of poems and various articles have been published into Pashton, Farsi and English. Majrooh’s collection of poems called “Memory of Shout” in Pashto and Farsi was published in Pishawar and his other two works are as following:
1- Translation of Omar Khayam’s quatrains into Pashto language.
2- Disconsolate Dream. Some other well-known members of Wish-Zalmian are Qolam Hasan Safi, Abdul hai Aziz, Qazi Bahram, Abdul Hadi Tookhi, Mohammad Ebrahim Khakhozi, Haji Mohammad Anvar Achekzai, Mohammad Yousef Khan Hazrat, Qazi Abdul Samad Khan, Qazi Abdul Samad Khan, Qulam Gilani Khan, Haji Khodai Khan and Khavari who was a Pashto language professor in Qazi high school.
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