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"Beheshti was a nation". The aforesaid clause is recited by Imam Khomeini (Re) about a man.......
"Beheshti was a nation".   The aforesaid clause is recited by Imam Khomeini (Re) about a man and warrior who was born in 1928 (1307LHY) in a cleric family in Esfahan. Having graduated from second year of high school in Esfahan, Ayatollah, Doctor, Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti entered in Esfahan theological college, and in 1325, he went to Qom to complete his studies.   Ayatollah Beheshti began his political activities against Pahlavi Regime in 1329 and actively participated in all actions of Islamic Revolution Movement after it was established under the leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1341, he was elected as a member of central council of Islamic Coalition Society, making a lot of efforts in the society. Ayatollah Beheshti went to Germany in early 1344 and after his return in 1349 with the collaboration of his companions set up the Protector Clerics Society (Jamehe Rohaniat Mobarez) and this huge Islamic Movement expanded in 1356 playing an important role in public movements against Pahlavi Regime.   He was elected as the general secretary of Islamic Republic Party performing a fundamental role in political area of the country at the beginning of the revolution, Shahid Beheshti is considered to be one of the most prominent contemporary Islamists, and his famous books include such as Rule in Islam, Voice of Islam in Europe, God from Quran point of view. He consistently thought of hard-working class of people and similar to other great figures of revolution worked hard for them and his saying" We are interested in providing services not greedy for power!" will not be forgotten for ever.   7th of Tir tragedy   A meeting was held in the auditorium of headquarter of Islamic Republic Party, located in Sarcheshmen, Tehran, at 20:30 on Sunday evening 7th of Tir 1360, one day after assassination attempt on Ayatolla Khamenei on 6th of Tir 1360. The people who were presented in the meeting were parliament representatives and some members of the government and …. Shahid Beheshti started his speech with following words "We should not let the expansionists to select members for us and play with the fate of our nation.." these were the last words spoken out of his hones tongue. Suddenly there was a huge blast and the headquarter of Islamic Republic Party changed to a mob of soil in less than a few seconds….   The performers of this criminal act believed that the situation of the country would ruin and Islamic Republic could vanish due to assassination of high position officials, however, our revolution became more stable and no instability occurred in any pillars of the government in spite of enemies.   Many cabinet ministers, Islamic Parliament statesmen as well as Ayatollah Beheshti were martyred during the explosion in Islamic Republic Party Headquarter. After the incident Imam Khomeini (Ra) said " Iran nation lost as many martyrs as in Karbala (72 martyrs) during this event. Beheshti was a thorn in the eyes of enemies of Islam."   Source: Site of Foundation for distribution and publication of Shahid Beheshti's works and thoughts
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