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Note: Payam Aftab has arranged a short interview with educated, promised and honorable scientist, Hojatol Eslm –val-Muslemin, Haj, Doctor, Sayyid Abdulhamid Masoomi, knowledgeable and famous Afghan physician in the Islamic Republic of Iran.....
Note: Payam Aftab has arranged a short interview with educated, promised and honorable scientist, Hojatol Eslm –val-Muslemin, Haj, Doctor, Sayyid Abdulhamid Masoomi, knowledgeable and famous Afghan physician in the Islamic Republic of Iran. P.A: Dr. where and when were you born and what majors did you study? Dr. Masoomi: I was born in a region of Kabul province in 1949(1327LHY), after high school, I majored in medicine in Kabul University, graduated as a physician in 1965(1343LHY), then I mastered in cardiovascular in Mashhad and started my profession. P.A: You have had many scientific, religious, political and promotional activities among Afghan refugees in Iran. Would you please explain a little about your efforts? Dr.Masoomi: I believe that we are human and Muslims first, and then businessmen, physicians, and workers… wherever we are and under any conditions, promotion of humanity and Islam, which are the same, is our prior duty and activity.
Of course, our activities are nothing in relation to the importance and greatness of our purpose and destination. Holy Quran commentary, Nahjulbalagheh explanation, giving religious speeches, writing articles, participation in religious, cultural seminars are what I am involved in as far as I can make it. P.A: Some of your books have been published, Could you introduce them to respected readers and visitors of our site. Dr.Masoomi: so far, some volumes of my books such as, Root-seeking of Afghanistan problems, Desired system, Celestial human, Questions and Answers 110( two volumes), Social Security Charter of Islam, various articles in magazines, hundreds of CD's and cassettes have been published and presented to friends be used. P.A: How do you generally evaluate the world of Islam? Dr.Masoomi: It is essential to take into account two issues to evaluate the world of Islam. The first is tribulations, hardships and distress of Muslims, foreign dominance, internal tyranny, conflicts and disintegrations, appearance of cruel and negligent group, undesirable level of culture and literacy. The second is good news of Muslims' vigilance which is evident through movements in many countries. Conscious and willing selection of Islam as the school of living guidance in Iran is totally evident and in countries such as Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other counties in the world, Islam is favored as a desired and guidance of living thought.
If Muslims and the youth strive to strengthen this movement, and remove the tribulations and hardships, Muslims' situations will face brightness on the horizon.    P.A: A new movement called "Islamic Creeds Closeness" has been presented with ups and downs in recent years, what is your point of view regarding the performance and future of this movement? Dr.Masoomi: For nearly twenty years, some public assemblies have been held in Iran with presence of outstanding number of religious scholars, and forward steps are taken toward closeness in these gatherings. Unfortunately, in other countries remarkable measures are not taken. There are three problems to achieve closeness:
1- Cultural Problem, the more the culture of Islamic societies increases, people get closer to each other.
2- Moral Problem, the more the quality of patience, forbearance and tolerance goes up; Muslims get closer to each other.
3-  Political Problem, the more the conspiracies, divisive plans of foreigners are known, Muslims get closer to each other. P.A: You are a member of "Ahle Beit (Prophet's Mohammad household) Universal Society". Would you mind explaining what this society has done so far, how do you see its future?
Dr.Masoomi: "Ahle Beit (Prophet's Mohammad household) Universal Society" has been involved mainly in cultural actions, publishing print for Ahle Beit's cognition, and Masomins' biographies. This society has published hundreds of volumes of books so far, arranged numerous cultural and educational programs, and assisted the poor and needy families. The fact is that the troubles of Shiite's world diversely and widely outnumber and a non-governmental society with little facilities can not do much to solve all the problems in the shortest time, it requires a collective participation. Cultural activities of the society are considerable. P.A: Afghanistan Shiite and Sunnite Scholars conferences are held in Iran every year and there are also similar meetings for Afghan religious students, how do you assess the functions and achievements of these conferences and meetings? Dr.Masoomi: Shiite and Sunnite Scholars conferences took about fourteen years, actually, they did work hard and sometimes hundreds of scholars gathered in a conference for some days, they were provided with free tribune. The aim was the closeness of Shiites to Sunnites. Relative successes were achieved but for more effectiveness, the present and active participants should have been self-motivated to attend the conferences. Apparently, the schedule for Shiites and Sunnites was over.
Secretariat of the conference used to publish a periodical and the speeches at the conferences printed and presented to the interested.
P.A:  In Afghanistan, Islamic brotherhood council and scholars council have been formed, whose mains members are the leaders of former parties and Jehdadi commanders, who have fought against each other and theirs functions are under questions. How do you see the future of these councils? Dr.Masoomi: It is important to pay attention that human beings are vicissitudinous (can be changed) and converter (make changes). These councils should first accept changes in order to make changes later. Nothing positive will be done, unless the members of these councils change their viewpoints, insights and manners, therefore, they can modify and transform the society. P.A: How do you see the general situation in Afghanistan and how do you anticipate the future? Dr.Masoomi: Nowadays, Afghanistan has been under multilateral struggles, foreign forces endeavoring to penetrate militarily, culturally and politically, utilizing the most of tribal conflicts. Economical problem, unemployment, insecurity and abduction are supplementary difficulties.
The prophet of Islam (p.b.u) created brotherly relationships between Aus and Khazraj tribes in order to weaken the basics political influences of the Jewish in Medina city and the political influence of the Jewish decreased severely. Today, tribes should come together for the purpose of destroying or weakening foreign political dominance. Future depends on individuals of the society's cooperation, collaboration and consultation. Considering the current potential and talent, if people gain a kind of self-motivation, self-confidence and self-making, future will be bright. P.A: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Karzai's government and in your opinion how likely is his reelection as the president? Dr.Masoomi: There are many discontents and complaints about Mr. Karzia and his government. Reconstruction process is slow, unemployment and expensiveness are out-crying, and people can not stand abduction and insecurity, foreign aids return to their origins, administrative corruption is pervasive, parliament acts are not respected and … it is not necessary to mentions the likely positive points since the governmental mass media are widely promoting.
 His reelection seems unlikely, if criteria such as eligibility, performances, services and … are considered, otherwise, under the influence of tribal, foreign dominance and…factors he will probably be elected again. P.A: Can Taliban take the control of the country again, since they have been recognized officially as one side of the country's crisis, or there are other options of their communion? Dr.Masoomi: There are different factors in this matter:
The more insufficiency of the government is visible, the more foreign forces violate, the more foreign dominance intensifies over the world of Islam, the more pro-Taliban take the control in Pakistan, the more tribalism increases in Afghanistan, it will be easier for Taliban to be present and take the power. Although, there are some other items which are beyond the scope of this interview. P.A: What do you think of so-called oppositions in the government? Dr.Masoomi: The oppositions do not have a strong relation together, there is not a common ideology among them, they are fighting for one aim which is taking the power and when they take the power, they will separate into several parts. It is essential that some groups and people take common intellectual and scientific manners and basics, which, unfortunately, can not be observed in Afghanistan presently. There are almost one hundred parties in Afghanistan which is a sign of dispersal of ideas and thoughts. P.A: How much has U.S and NATO military presence been for the benefit of Afghanistan and how do you predict the future of this situation? Dr.Masoomi: Having a government is better than anarchy and lack of a government. Foreign soldiers entered Afghanistan after Bon conference, there was peace due to people's cooperation, unfortunately, and U.S and NATO gained the benefit and claimed to have created peace in Afghanistan through promotions. The fact is that Americans did not bring peace, people wanted, cooperated and a relative peace and security was formed. In USSR period when people did not want, no peace came with the presence of a large number of Russian's soldiers notwithstanding.
In the future, internal mechanism should be activated. Amity and relationships among tribes should be improved, we should respect to ourselves and our forces should be empowered. The presence of foreigners is not of benefit to us. P.A: We are on the threshold of victory of Islamic Revolution, led by the late Grand Ayatullah Imam Khomeini (RA) in Iran, what have the achievements of this revolution been to Iran and the world? Dr.Masoomi: Some of the achievements are related to Iran, self-confidence was improved, government and parliament are selected by people with dignity and pride, and Iran was introduced as an independent country in the world. Islamic concepts were recovered and to some extent were put into practice.
Self-assurance and self-motivations, Islamic movement and Islam seeking are the messages for the world of Islam, after the victory of revolution some positive and useful movements were taken, which are observable. For the contemporary world and current mankind, it offered the message of independence and resistance against tyranny. Idealism and living on the basis of god (theology) along with remarkable physical and material growth are other messages to the world. P.A:  It seems that the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in comparison to other global revolutions, in spite of undeniable hardships, involvements and weaknesses have retained and continued to use their revolutionary slogans, if this is true, what is the reason for this matter? Dr.Masoomi: The most part of this advantage if for the compiled constitution and especially in Velayate Faghih, which have been observing and controlling the governments keeping them away from misleading acts.
Islam in its real form, which is compatible with human nature, will publicly be accepted, if cultural activities are done steadily and continuously to introduce Islam, due to the fact that the opponents are publicizing widely and hugely.
The thing that should not be forgotten is that God will reveal his obvious, clear and unhidden mercies and helps to his sincere friends and followers in sensitive times only if their actions, services and attempts are honest and for the sake of God.
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