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Islamic Society of Afghanistan

28 Jan 2008 - 17:10

Islamic society of Afghanistan is one of the most prominent Sunnite Islamic groups, which has developed in Afghanistan, under the influence of Egypt Ekhvan-Al-Muslemin movement. This group has been presented as founder and inheritor of Islamic movement in Afghanistan, while Afghanistan Islamic Party, led by Hekmatyar is also professing the same.

Professor Borhanodin Rabani, the leader of Islamic Society of Afghanistan, declares 1958(1336LHY) as the establishment date of Islamic Movement, which in his view is the same as the establishment of Islamic Society of Afghanistan, in a writing titled " Professor Gholam  Mohammad Niazi, founder of Islamic Society of Afghanistan". As he has stated in his writing, founder and leader of Islamic movement in Afghanistan was Professor Gholam Mohammad Niazi, a professor in religious laws department in Kabul university, while other people including, Dr. Sayyid Mohammd Mosa Tavana, Vafi-allah Samiee, Abdul Aziz Forough, Sayyid Ahamad Tarjoman, Ostad Mohammad Fazel, Hedayat and Professor Rabani, himself cooperated with Gholam Mohammad Niazi in developing the movement, in addition, it has been mentioned that Gholam Mohammad Niazi gave up the obvious leadership of the movement in 1973(1351LHY) but remained as spiritual and intellectual leader, and the movement continued its activities, by the name of Islamic Society, while Mr, Rabani was the leader. Dr. Musa Tavana has written, the first meeting to nominate the leader and select the officials of Islamic Society  was held in Professor Rabani's dwelling in Khierkhaneh, Kabul, in 1974(1352LHY), in which Professor Rabani as the Emir and head of executive council, Sayyaf as the Emir's deputy, Engineer Habib-Al-Rahman as secretary and in charge of  army officers alignment, Saifoddin Nasratyar as director of youth, Molavi Habib-Al- Rahman as responsible of organizing theologians, Sayyid Abdul Rahman as financial affairs liable, Molavi Abdul Bari in charge of organizing peasants and the proletariat, Sayyid Mohammad Musa Tavana cultural affairs responsible, Sayyid Norollah Emad, in charge of regulating Herat province affairs, Abdul Ghader Tavana in charge of regulating Balkh province affairs and professor Gholam Mohammad Niazi as political responsible were nominated.
Unlike Islamic Society leaders' statement, Hekmatyar, leader of Islamic Party, introduces Abdul Rahim Niazi as the founder and 1970 (1348LHY) the year of Islamic Society establishment, expressing that eleven people including himself converted the name of Muslim Youth Movement, formed in Kabul University, to Islamic Party during a meeting in the governor's office of Shekar Dareh , Kabul in the spring of 1970(1348LHY). According to Hekmatyar, after the death of Abdul Rahim Niazi in a gathering, held in Polytechnic mosque with the participation of 260 members of Muslims Youth group in 1974(1352/7/12), the leadership council, consisted of Engineer Habib-Al-Rahman, engineer Saifoddin Nasratyar, engineer Goboddin Hekmatyar,Molavi Habib-Al-Rahman and ostad Gholam Rabani Atish, was organized. Anyhow, what is certain is that Sunnite Islamic Movement came into being inspired by Egypt Ekhvan-Al-Muslemin movement in 1969(1347) in Kabul university, dueled and took part in demonstrations and marches as "Muslims Youth" group. Islamic Society and Islamic Party are parties influenced by Egypt Ekhvan-Al-Muslemin movement, which came into existence in Pakistan later on. Subsequent to Sunnite Islamic Movement leaders' military operation defeat, who were famous as Ekhvani, against Mohammad Davood Khan's Republic autarchy regime in 1976(1354LHY), internal quarrels among the summits of the movement intensified. Hekmatyar, assisted by Pakistan, was in charge of leading the military operation against Afghanistan government, set up Islamic Party of Afghanistan, and professor Rabani continued his activities under the name of Islamic Movement.
In 1977(1355LHY) Islamic Society formed a coalition with Progressive Democratic Society, under the designation of National Common Adjoining "Mahaz Moshtarak Melli", but following seventh of Sawor coup 1979(1357LHY) united with Islamic Motion under the designation of "Afghanistan Islamic Revolution Movement" "Harakat Enghelab-e- Eslmai Afghanistan", consequently, a group called Islamic Revolution Movement led by Mohammad Nabi Mohammad was formed. Later on Islamic Movement attended in formation of Salvation National Front(Jebheh Melli Nejat), very soon departed form the Front, and in 19980(1358LHY) took part in a coalition with Islamic Revolution Movement and Molavi Khales Islamic Party named "Afghanistan Islamic joining Treaty"(Peyman Etehad Islami Afghanistan). This Society has been a member of other coalitions as well, until 1986(1364LHY) when a coalition with the assistance of Pakistan under the title of "Afghanistan Mojahedin Islamic Union"(Etehad Islami Mojahedin Afghanistn) was created with the membership of Islamic Society. This coalition which was remembered as heptads Union, expired 1992(1371LHY) and practically vanished. Islamic Society was the leading group in Kabul after the downfall of Communist regime in 1993(1371LHY), while other political and ethnical opponent groups especially Hekmatyar Islamic Party opposed with them entering internecine civil war. In spite of Taliban ruling over 80% of Afghanistan, the leader of Islamic Society represented the head of Afghanistan government in international conventions until the collapse of Taliban and establishment of an interim government with presidency of Hamed Karzai.
Islamic Society of Afghanistan led by professor Rabani, compiled a new article of association and constitution, and was formally registered in ministry of justice of Afghanistan in 2004 (1384/2/7LHY) received official permission. The new constitution of Islamic Party has not been combined in accordance with the dignity of a combative political party which is committed to Islamic ideology and having precedent record. There are some significant points regarding the new constitution and article of association of Islamic Party.
1- The intentional or unintentional application of ancient and vague literature of aggressive and counter-cultural periods in preference to rich and modern literature in writing the constitution of Islamic Society.
2- Concepts including Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Democracy, Charter of the United Nations, and …,influenced by political and ideological hegemony of the West,  have unnecessarily been used in combination of Islam term and whatever superstitiously considered as Islamic principles, which reveals ideological weakness and opportunist reconciliations, but not moderation nor justly advisability. The complete and unquestionable  admission of Afghanistan's derivative and contradictory constitution, which includes the same content of constitution during  Zaher Shah's kingdom in 1965(1343LHY), confirms this ideological weakness and opportunism. The objective certainly is not to trample on the constitution, but to observe its inadequacies and shortcomings rather than infuse people to accept it as the best Islamic constitution, if so, its inefficiency will be a pretext for Islam opponents, just as the works of non-Islamic parties and some Jehad attributed characters, for which Islam is affronted. This constitution due to its partly secularist and non-Islamic clauses cannot be totally acceptable for conversant and undertaken Muslims to Islamic values and beliefs.
3- The position of Islamic Society is not well-informed and transparently determined alongside haughtiness powers and their sanguinary claws in the world of Islam, which is Zionist regime, in this constitution. It is not sufficient by no means, for an Islamic, combative and charged with duty Party to merely mention to "condemned nations and oppressed minorities fairly combats" sans illustrating cruelty and oppression examples and without introducing oppressors and the oppressed. Being unsuccessful, these kind of parties groups can not walk on the path of real justice, freedom and independence, on the contrary to their claims and exaggeration, according to experiences, and acceptance of a constitution and political system which is similar to three decades ago, following the plot of two million martyrs and people with disabilities, millions of displaced and destruction of Afghanistan economical, political and social infrastructures is a proof to this assertion. Those who have presently gathered in a cabinet and political system with former Communists and Secularists with whom they used to refuse any overt talks and negotiations, insisting on continuation of war on the pretext of an Islamic government establishment and purge of Communists and Secularists from political power and were against previous political systems, explicitly with the aid of Pakistan and United States, what is their explanation to history and the people of Afghanistan being victims to their party and individual benefits?(1)
 1- Thinker, Mohammad Akram, Aggression and defiance years, first impression, (1383LHY), pages 21&22.
ّّّAuthor: Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh

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