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ِChart of officially permitted political parties
Officially permitted political parties chart
No. Party Title President President's Intellectual Tendency and political Background
1 Afghanistan Republicans Sebghatullah Sanjar Secularistic tendency and Communistic background
2 National Unity Incitement of Aghanistan Soltan Mahmud Ghazi Secularistic and ethnocentric tendency
3 Independence Party of Afghanistan Ghulam Farouq Najrabi National and Islamic tendency 
4 National Solidarity of Afghan Youth Mohammad Jamil Karzai   
 5 Afghanistan National Unity Abdelrashid Jalili Communistic background and member of PDPA
6 Afghanistan National Unity of Islamic Tribes Mohammadshah Khoogiani Islamic and ethnocentric tendency 
7 Work and Development of Afghanistan Zoolfaqar Omid Relation with Pakistanies Authorities 
8 Afghanistan National Solidarity Movement Seyed ishaq Gilani Traditional Islamic and liberalistic tendency
9 Afghanistan National Islamic Mahaz Pir Seued ahmad Gilani Traditional Islamic, ethnocentric and liberalistic tendency 
10  Afghanistan Liberty Abdelraghib Javid Koohestani Democracy Movement Communistic background
11 Afghan Social Democrate ( Afghan Nation) Anwarolhaq Ahadi Social Democratic and ethnocentric tendency 
12 Afghanistan People Felicity Mohammd Zobeir Pruz Communistic tendency
13 Unit Afghanistan Mohammad vasel Rahimi Communistic background
14 Afghanistan Islamic Movement Mohammad li Jawid Islamic fundamentalist with Jehadi background
15 Afghanistan National Unity Movement Mohammad Nadir Atash  Communistic background
16 Afghanistan Human Rights and Detection Protection Biryalay Nosrati  Secularistic tendency
17 Afghanistan National Party Abdulrashid Arian  Communistic background 
18 Afghanistan National Congress Abdellatif Pedram  Secularistic tendency
19 Da Afghanistan Dasooli Ghourzang Gound Shanwaz Tanai  Da Communistic background
20 Afghanistan People Islamic Movement Seyed Hossein Anwari  Islamic tendency and Jehadi   background 
21 Afghaistan Islamic Justice Mohhamad Kabir Marzban  Islamic tendency and Jehadi   background 
22 Afghanistan People Prophecy Nooraqa Rouini  Secularistic tendency and   Communistic background 
23   Afghanistan People Welfare Miagol Vasiq  Secularistic tendency and   Communistic background
24 National Peace and Unity Abdelqadir Imami  Secularistic tendency and   Jehadi background
25 Afghanistan Understanding and Democracy Ahmad Shahin  Secularistic tendency and   Communistic background 
26 Young Afghanistan Islamic Organization Seyed Jawad Hosseini  Secularistic tendency
27 Afghanistan Islamic Tribes National Peace Abdelqahir Shariati  Islamic and ethnocentric   tendency and Jehadi   background
28 Afghanistan National Unity Mohammad Karim Khalili  Islamic and ethnocentric   tendency and Jehadi   background
29 Afghanistan People National Unity Hajimohammad Mohaqeq  Secularistic and ethnocentric   tendency and Jehadi   background
30 Afghanistan Liberal Party Ajmal Soheil  Liberalistic tendency
31 Afghanistan People Salvation Ostad Mohammad Zarif  Islamic tendency
32  Afghanistan Solidarity Party Abdel Khaleq Neamat  Communistic, Maoistic and   ethnocentric tendency
33  Afghan Society for the Call to the Koran and Sunna Mowlavi Samiullah Najibi  Salafīyyah and ethnocentric   tendency
34 Afghanistan National Movement Ahmad Vali Masoud  Liberal democratic and   ethnocentric tendency
35 Afghanistan National Islamic Peace Shah Mahmud Poopalzai  -------
36 Afghanistan People Ideal party Serajudin Zafari  Secularistic and Communistic   tendency
 37 Afghanistan National Link Seyed Mansoor Naderi  Ismaili and Secularistic   tendency 
38 Afghanistan National and Islamic Felicity Mojammad Osman Salek Zadeh  Islamic tendency and Jehadi   background 
39 Afghanistan Freedom Abdolmalik  Secularistic and ethnocentric   tendency and Communistic   background
40 Afghanistan People Insurrection Party Seyed Zahir Ghaed Omulbiladi  Secularistic and Communistic   tendency
41 Afghanistan National Society of peace Activists Shamsulhagh Nouroshams  Communistic tendency 
42 Islamic Country Of Afghan Mohammad hasan Firuz Khalil  Islamic and ethnocentric   tendency
43 Afghanistan People liberals Feda Mohammad Ehsas  Communistic and Maostic   background 
44 Afghanistan Incitement for Muslims Unity Wazir Mohammad Wahdat  Islamic and ethnocentric   tendency
45 Afghanistan Solidarity of Islamic Tribes Mohammad zarif Naseri  Communistic background
46 Afghanistan Islamic National sobriety Qareh bik Izadyar  Secularistic tendency and   Jehadi background 
47 Afghanistan National Progress Dr. Asef Baktash  Communistic and Maoistic   background 
48 Afghanistan National Independence Taj Mohammad Wardak -
 49 Afghanistan Conduction National Front for Saving Sebghatullah Mojjaddedi  National and Islamic   tendency  and Jehadi   background
50 Afghanistan Islamic National Unity Mohamad Akbari  Religious and ethnocentric   tendency and Jehadi   background 
51 Afghanistan People Governing Movement Hayatullah Sobhani  Liberal democratic tendency
52 Afghanistan National Islamic Motion Seyed Norulah  Secularistic and ethnocentric   tendency and Communistic   background
53 Afghanistan Nation Islamic Unity Qurbanali Erfani  Islamic fundamentalism   tendency and Jehadi   background
54  Afghanistan People Elites Abdelhamid Jawad  Islamic and National tendency
55 Hiwad National Party Ghulam Mohammad  Communistic background 
56 Motherland Liberals Party Abdelhadi Dabir  Islamic and National tendency
57  Afghanistan Motherland link Seyed Kamal Sadat  Secularistic tendency
58 Islamic Society of Afghanistan Professor Rabbani  Islamic fundamentalist.   Ethnocentric tendency and   Jehadi background 
59 Afghanistan's Islamic Mission Organization   Islamic fundamentalist. -----------  Ethnocentric tendency and   Jehadi background
60 National Unity Party   ---------------  Communistic background 
61 People's Party of Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Asar  Liberal democratic tendency   and Communistic background
62 National Stability Party Abdul Ra'uf   
63 National c Fighters Party of Afghanistan Amanat Ningarhari  Communistic and Maoistic   background
64 Democratic Party of Afghanistan Abdul Kabir Ranjbar  Communistic background 
65 People’s Movement of the National Unity of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan da Melli Wahdat Wolesi Tahreek) Abdul Hakim Noorzai  Secularistic and ethnocentric   tendency 
66 National Sovereignty Party (Hizb-e-Iqtedar Melli) Sayyed Mustafa Kazimi  Secularistic tendency and   Jehadi background 
67 New Afghanistan Party (Hezb-e-Afghanistan Naween) Mohammad Yunis Qanuni  Secularistic tendency and   Jehadi background 
68 National Prosperity Party (Hizb-e Refah-e Melli) Mohammad Hasan Jahfari  Islamic tendency
69 National Stance Party (Hizb-e-Melli Dareez)   -------  Communistic background
70 Afghanistan's Welfare Party (Hizb-e Refah-e Afghanistan) Mir Mohammad Asef Za'ifi  National and Islamic tendency
71 Afghanistan’s Islamic Nation Party (Hizb-e-Umat-e-Islami Afghanistan) Tooran (Captain) Noor Aqa Ahmadza  Islamic tendency 
72 Afghanistan’s National Islamic Party (Hizb-e-Melli Islami Afghanistan) Ruhullah Ludin   -------------
73 The People of Afghanistan’s Democratic Movement (Hizb-e-Junbish- Democracy Mardum-e-Afghanistan) Mohammad Sharif Nazari  Secularistic tendency 
74 Progressive Democratic Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e-Mutaraqi Democaraat Afghanistan) Mohammad Wali Aria Western Social democratic tendency 
75 Democratic Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e-Democracy Afghanistan) Mohammad Tawoos Arab Secularistic and Communistic tendency and Maoistic background
 76 Muslim People of Afghanistan Party (Hizb-e-Mardum-e-Muslman-e-Afghanistan) Bismillah Joyan ------------
77 Hizullah-e-Afghanistan Qari Ahmad Ali  Islamic tendency and Jehadi   background 
78 Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e-Islami Afghanistan) Mohammad Khalid Farooqi  Islamic fundamentalist.   Ethnocentric tendency and   Jehadi background
79 Comprehensive Movement of Democracy and Development of Afghanistan Party (Hizb-e-Nahzat Faragir Democracy wa Taraqi-e-Afghanistan) Sher Mohammad Bazgar  Communistic tendency and   Communistic background
80 Afghanistan Peoples’ Treaty Party (Hizb-e-Wolesi Tarhun Afghanistan) Sayyed Amir Tahseen  
81 United Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e-Mutahed Islami Afghanistan) Wahidullah Sabawoon Islamic fundamentalist
82 Islamic Movement of Afghanistan Party (Hizb-e-Nahzat-e-Melli Islami Afghanistan) Mohammad Mukhtar Mufleh  -------------------
83 National and Islamic Sovereignty Movement Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e-Eqtedar-e-Melli wa Islami Afghanistan) Engineer Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai  Islamic fundamentalist.   Ethnocentric tendency and   Jehadi background 
84 The Afghanistan’s Mujahid Nation’s Islamic Unity Movement (Da Afghanistan Mujahid Woles Yaowaali Islami Tahreek) Saeedullah Saeed  
85 Unity Party of The People of Afghanistan Eng. Jahed  --------------------
86 Afghan Social Democratic Party Ajmal Shjams  Western Social democratic   and ethnocentric tendency
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