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Shia: The target of conspiracies of Imperialism, Zionism and Facsism

Sayyed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh

12 Jun 2011 - 10:50

In fact Arab faschism fight against Shia around the world while their approaches are Racial, Religious and Secular aspects. Iranian Faschism do the same with Racial, Secular and infidelity trends. The Mongolism (Hazareh tribe faschism) carries out its task upon Racial and Secular aspects. Pashtunism (Pashtun tribe faschism), however, has Racial, Religious and Secular trends.

To save the Muslims from division and obliquity, the Lord has said in his holy quran that
 And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided. (Surat 'Āli `Imrān (Family of Imran) verse 103).
According to a narration in Sihah Sitta, Musnad and Sonan (Authentic Books of Sunnis), to save ummah from deviation and perdition Rasulullah (the prophet Mohammad) has said:
“Verily, I am leaving among you two weighty things. If you adhere to it firmly after me, you will never go astray. The one is greater than the other- the Kitaab of Allah (i.e. the Qur`aan) and my progeny, the Ahl-e-Bait.”
The Hadith al-Thaqalayn refers to a saying (hadith) about al-Thaqalayn, which translates to "the two weighty things." In this hadith Muhammad referred to the Qur'an and Ahl al-Bayt ('people of the house', Muhammed's family which includes just Imam Ali (AS), Fatimeh Zahra (AS), Imam Hasan (AS), Imam Hossain (AS) and their children) as the two weighty things.
The intention of the rope of Allah in prophet’s speech is verily the Book of Allah (Quran) and the Members of the House of the Prophet (Ahlul-Bayt), peace be upon them all. They shall not separate from each other till they both return to him by the Pool (of Paradise) in the day of resurection. Unfortunately after the prophet’s demise, his Ahlul-Bayt were put aside and the anarchists, political power seekers, money-makers and those impacted by Islam made their efforts to fight against Ahlul-Bayt  and predispose their abandonment.
Arab and non-Arab sectarian fashists have raged against Shieties as the followers of Ahlul-Bayt. In recent centuries, especially in last three decades west imperialism and international Zionism were fighting thoroughly against Shieties all over the world in propaganda, cultural, media, economical, social aspects. Even they made trorist attacks against Shieties. To do so they misused hostile sectarians of Wahabis, Salfis and secular forces. 

 Jewish and Zionist Fascism
Two obsessive groups who fought against the Islam prophet (PBUH), tried to take revenge from Islam and the prophet. The first group was the Jewish in Medina who breached their agreement with Islam and hurt Muslims. Therefore the prophet had no choice but to expel them from Medina.  The exiled Jews came together in Kheibar castle and defied the prophet. In the wars Ali as the commandor of the Islam troop beated the Jews and conquered the castle. The Jewish fascism lost in the battle against Islam. The Jews however, tried to kill the prophet. They succeeded ultimately.
Therefore the Jewish fascism, is reckoned to be the historical enemy of Islam and especially the Shia. Their hostility is arosen from jealousy. 
The holy Quran says: Or do they envy men (Muhammad and his followers ) for what Allah has given them of his bounty? Then we had already given the family of Ibrahim (Abraham) the Book and Al-Hikamh (divine revelation to those prophets not written in the form of a book), and conferred upon them a great kingdom.
The enemity of the Jewish fascists with the Muslims are so severe that they cook their wafer (bread) by the blood of the Muslims children. 
Mnay years ago it was widespread amongst the people of Kabul and Hirat where some Jewish lived, that the Jewish abducted the Muslims children and attacked at him by arrows, harpoons and stabs until his death.
The Jewish outspreaded in various areas of the world especially in Europe and America, and infiltrated into political, economical and cultural centers. Zionism movement formed to activate the Jewish potentials for the colonialism goals of Western countries especially the England. This finally led to occupation of Palestine by Zionists.
Zionism smashed the pan-arabism which together with English Imeprialism had broken down the Ottoman Empire. It also forced Egypt to make a disgraceful agreement with Israeil government while it was once the front of resistance against Zionism. This situation got so worse such that in 22 days war between Israiel and Palestinians in 2008 and in 33 days war between Hizbullah and Israiel in 2006, the shameful regimes of Arabic countries like Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Tunesia and Jordan supported the Zionists.
While the Arab countries were going to surrender in front of Israiel, and Palestine was goining to be ruined; the followers of Shia religion ousted Iran’s monarchy regime which was the greatest supporter of the Zionist regime in Middle East anmd even in the world. Lead by Imam Khomeini these Shia followers started to support Palestine.  
Actually after the Kheibar castle capture, the victory of Islamic revolution was the second impact on Jewish faschists. As a result the mythical military power of Israiel collapsed for the first time and Islamic resistant could survive under Zionists brutal and barbaric attacks with bombs, rockets, missiles and gunshots.
The international Zionism has flocked and made a campaign using all its facilities against Shia religion and misused military, economical, political, propaganda, and intelligence means of western countries especially USA and Arabic countries to oppose against Shia. The hidden agents of international Zionism provoke the Sunnis in Islamic countries against Shietis and agitate religious discrepancies.
Imperialism and battling plots against Islam and Shia
 The historical documents and evidence indicate that the English imperialism has formed the usurper regime of Israiel to annihilate Islam. Before the establishment of the Zionist regime, the colonies ministry of Britain had initiated a conspiracy to annihilate the Muslims strong points. The conspiracy is still executed by apparent and hidden agents of western countries and international Zionism.    

 Britain’s plot
Britain’s plot recommended to degenerate and to impair the following power sources:
1-      Islam has negated racial, lingual, traditional, conventional, and national bigotry.
2-      - Muslims are firmly adherent to their 'Ulamaa (religious scholars).
3-      The Shi'ite Muslims consider it obligatory to give one-fifth of their income (it is called Khumus) to the 'Ulamaa.
4-      There are a number of people descending from the Prophet, [who are called Sayyeds and Shereefs]; these people who remind of the Prophet and who keep Him always remain alive in the eyes of Muslims

 CIA plot
 Following English plot, CIA launched a struggle against Shia religion after Islamic revolution in Iran. It allocated 900m US$ for that and established a bureau to characterize Shia. The bureau held a confidential conference to weak and annihilate Shia in 1983.
CIA high ranking officials and MI6 representative participated in the conference and reviewed the routes to contrast Shia and Islamic revolution.
It was concluded in the conferece that Religious References (the label provided to Shia authority) and Imam Hossein martyrdom had played the main roles in the course of Islamic revolution. As a result a 3 stage project was made to annihilate Shia.   
1- To collect information about the Shitees of the world through sending research scholars to various countries, the goal of which was to examine the routes of magnifying the differences already existing between the two major sects of Islam (Sunni and Shiite) and Sunnis and survey how to amplify the internal conflicts and disagreements amongst the Shi'ites.
 2- The short term goals were to make quarrel between Shia and Sunni religions through false propaganda and accusation each other and call Shitees as Koffar (infidels)
3- The long term goals were to annihilate the Shia religion through attacking the Shitees.
After this research, they came to the conclusion that Shi'ite Scholastic leaders (Marj’as) are the real strength of this (Jaffary) school of thought who protect the Shi'ite faith in all time at all cost. It was also concluded that martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed’s grandson Hussein ('a) 1400 years ago is celebrated by Shi'ites with great sorrow and grief. These are the two factors due to which Shiites seem more effective and active towards freedom and fighting against oppression and invasion.
Based on the results obtained from the data collection and analysis, CIA plotted some projects delibrtely to fight against Shia and took provisions to demolish the Ashura movement and Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremony. (3)
Uttlery from the projects already published by CIA, one may come to conlusion that making and magnifying the differences existing between the two major sects of Islam (Sunni and Shiite), demolition of Ashura movement and amplifying the hostilities among Shiites are the major plans to divide and annihilate Shia. Focusing on Ashura movement and Imam Hussein’s commemoration, and demolishing Shia scholars as the Imams’ successors are in fact efforts to cut the links between Shia and Ahl-e-Beit (the Prohet’s progeny) of whom If Shia adheres to it firmly he will never go astray.
Urshalim conspiracy
Following the CIA confidential conference to fight against Shia, Understanding Shia Identity Conference held by western experts and Zionists scholars in Urshalim in 1986. They came to the conclusion that Shia has three strong points which should be weaken and annihilated by plans and projects. These three are summerised as follow:
1-      Belief in Imam Hussein’s movement and welcoming the martyrdom (in wars against Islam’s enemies).
2-      Belief in Marjaeiat ( refrences scholars) and obeying the Guardianship of the Jurisprudent ( velayat-e- faqih)
3-      Belief in Mahdaviat (prophecised Mahdi, who would one day return and appear, and bring justice to the world)
Michale Brant former CIA deputy who participated In USCI held in Urshalim, explains the decisions made about how to weaken the Shia: One important issue to be considered is Ashura culture and welcoming martyrdom by Shiites which they commemorate it every year. We have decided to financially support some materialistic, 8jobber and fortune seeker speakers, reciters and execueters of the event of Kerbala tragedy to unsteady the Shia thoughts and beliefs and to Utilize negative propaganda against the Shiites to isolate them from the main stream of Islam. Hence, a school of thought based on logic will be presented to be without logic and spurious. 
In the second stage Research and investigate and gather information against the Shiah Scholars and leaders and then provide this information to unknown writers. As a result the authority of Shiite scholars which would stand up to the ruling authorities, would be subdued by the Shi'ites themselves to destroy the power of the Shi'ite Scholars. Some of the activities for such a movement have already been launched successfully. In this way, during the last phase of this movement against the Shias, the final blow would be to dismantle the central authority, on which Shi'ites rely for their verdicts. Consequently Shia will be annihilated and Shiites will sparsed. By 2010, this is to be achieved and disperse the Shias and weaken them
Francis Fukuyama a reknown American political scientist, political economist, author and philosopher at John Hopkinz University was a participant at Urshalim conference. He argues that Shia is a bird which flies too higher to reach by our shots. This bird has two wings; a green and a red. It is covered by armor of guardianship of which its power is doubled by martyrdom. Shia is an element, the more it is attacked the more it is widespreaded. He considers Mahdaviat (appearance of Mahdi (PBUH)) and seeking for justice as the green wing of Shia, and welcoming martyrdom by Shiites as the red wing of Shia bird. The projects of CIA and Urshalim conferences to confront Shia have been executed by  Umavi Sunnis (Salafi and Wahhabis), Hazareh Mongolians and Iranian extremists ( hypocrites, totalists,  lawbreakers, and seculars ) which will be discussed afterward.

 Shiite-phobia (Panic from Shia)
In recent decades especially after 11th September 2001 event, West imperialism and international Zionism as well as other ways of confrontation with Islam have carried out Islamo-phobia scenario of which Shiite-phobia is at the center of this scenario.
West pictorial, written and audio media either satellite, or press and cyber media have focused in particular on Shiite-phobia. Arabic networks broadcast from Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, etc. are cooperating with Westerns and Zionists.
Western news imperialism and their allied countries operate opposed to human rights and moral fundamentals, and disobey the journalism principles while they claim to act as democratic media. First, these media balk about the crimes against Shiites in various countries, and then boycott them. Then astonishingly and unfortunately they accuse Shiites of betraying and crime. This happened in Saedeh zone in Yemen where famous western networks such as BBC, VOA, France 24 and CNN were calm about the crimes against the Shiites there and then called Shiites as rebels and accused them of being dependant to Iran. In Bahrain also they did not reflect the crimes against the people who outraged towards Al-e Khalifeh dictatorship, visaversa they supported Bahrain’s occupation by Al-e Saud’s army and cruel massacre of Shiites and burning mosques, and Qurans.
 Many Arabic newtworks such as MBC, Fox movies,Fox series, Alarabia and Aljazirah which are wahhabi and Salafi, cast news, analysis and programs more than western antiShia networks. They publish the same accusations and abusives within movies, films and serials against fiqh (jurisprudence) and beliefs of Shia.
In addition to western and Arabic networks, some Iranian and Afghan Persian language newtworks which are  barrators of west and Wahhabis insult Shia’s sacred beliefs such as Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremonies. On the other hand Seculars and atheists interprete Shia with their nonsense idealogies.   
Arab Facshism
The second tribe who militated against the prophet were Quraish faschist atheists and especially Bani-Umayyeh faschists. Their successors continued their hostility with Ahl-e-Beit. Although they apparently calimed to believe in God, but they took revenge of Ahl-e-Beit after Prophet’s demise. It is well known that Yazid bin Mu’awiya martyored Imam Hussain and his followers, and captived Prophet’s Ahl-e-Beit. After that when Imam Hussain’s head was brought in the court of Yazid bin Mu’awiya, he placed his stick on Imam Hussain ’s teeth and said: The difference between him and me is that the swords are broken on the heads of those people who go against us and they are disobedient and cruel and I am avenging Ahmad’s deed.
 The slaughter of Ahl-e-Beit (PBUT) decendants who were then famed as Sadat )decendants of prophet) in great Khorasan and their Shiites who were called as Alavian continued in Omavyds and Abbasyds’ era.  Since then the cruel governor of various zones in Islam world have continued. These have been carried out on the basis of dogmatic and unwise Fitwa (religious verdicts) issued by false scholars and barrater mofties. The first comminated and excommuinacted one was Hazrat Ali (PBUH) who was martyred by Khawarej (One of sects who were against the succession of Ali (PBUH). Nevertheless Omavyd hypocries made people to curse and imprecate him.  
After the evolution of Islamic Jurisprudent religions non-Shiite Muslims were called Sunnis. They composed the majority of Muslims.  It was then that combination of Shiites and religious strife increased. Till that time the difference between Shia and Sunni was on political issue over the caliphate and there was no obvious difference in their biliefs and religious tasks. After that efforts were made to weaken and break the confidence intellectual links among Muslims through some polytheism, blasphemey and forbidden deeds. The enemies of Islam developed tricks to comminate Musims and especially Shiites. West colonizers and especially Britain misused these tricks and began to create sects and make difference among Muslims. This is continued yet.
Sectarian and excommuincation Faschists
An individual who wrote articles and widened anti-religious ideas to comminate Mulsims was  ibn Taymiyyah. His ideas all were to target the link between Ahl-e-Beit (PBUH) and Muslims except the one which was his profanity that God has a body in human form.
Prohibiting the pilgrimage of prophet and Imams’ tombs, avoiding their remembering them and denying their intercession eminence near God are in fact to aim the link between Ahle-Beit and Muslims.
Laters, ibn Taymiyyah’s ideas were set to be the basis of Wahhabis’ mentality. Salafi and comminator terrorist factions were also evolved on the basis of these ideas. These terrorists have started to cruelly assassinate Shiites in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan for decades.
 In recent years in which combating Shia and Shiite-phobia were managed by CIA and international Zionism, Wahhabis Moftis and Ibne-Tamimieyh followers in Islamic countries especially in middle-east and Pakistan began to comminate Shiites and provoked terrorist groups to kill them. Among these Moftis, Ben Bazz the former Saudia Arabia and Tantavi the former Head of Alazhar University in Egypt can be pointed out.
Even Sheikh Yosef Qarzavi who is not apparently Wahhabi and calls Shiites as Muslims, was deceived due to vast conspiracies and false propaganda by US led Shia enemies; issuing a manifesto he later on called Shiites as deviants and insulted their beliefs. He has highlighted the affection and tenderness among Shiites towards the Prophet’s Ahl-e-Beit. His biased criticism indicates that like ibn Taymiyyah, CIA and international Zionism has targeted the link between Muslims and Ahle-Beit.  
Owing to Ikhwan-Al-Moslemin (Muslim Brothers) movement’s dominance in some Islamic countries, also Qarzavi’s dependence on this movement   and his rank as the head of Islamic scholars union; his manifesto was welcomed by some extremist Sunni groups and figures and strengthened Wahhabis position.
Gulbodin Hekmatayr an Afghan warlord followed Qarzavi and published a letter entitled with Hazareh Shiites, called Shiites’s clergies as liars and opponents to Quran and Prophet. He considered Khums as an ambush to plunder those not aware of the religious reality. He regarded the Imams’ tombs as polytheism and idolatry. He rejected their awareness of Al-Ghaib (literally mean a thing not seen) and called as opponent to Holy Quran. He asked Shiites to become Muslim again.
In hostility with Shiites Qarzavi went ahead to a point that supported the people of Lybia, Egypt and Tunesia outrage but called the revolution of Bahrain’s people against Ale-Khalifeh dictatorship as opponency to Sunnis. He actually permitted the repression and massacre of Bahrain’s poor and defenseless people for opinionated Ale-Saud and Ale-Khalifeh regimes.
Iranian Faschism
In the past Iranian Faschists attacked religious mentality and Shia ethic under the titles of Pan-Iranism and Aria Mehr nationalism and some deviated sectarians such as Babi and Bahaei. They have carried out destruction actions against Shia fundamentals in the recent decade. At first they theorized and presented various and deviance interpretations of religion. Then they attacked political and religious institutions such as Scholars, religious refrences, security forces, leadership and Faqih jurisprudence. These aimed at annihilation of Shiite system and ousting the religious from governance.
Because Iran religious system has boosted Shia religious in the world, its annihilation is the common goal of USA, UK, Zionist regime and Persian Gulf Sheikhs and clergies and Wahhabi mofties.
Hazareh Faschism (mongolism)
In recent decades in which Wahhabis and Salafis have attacked Shiites to annihilate Islam, there have evolved some groups within the Shia society to meet the reqirements of UK, USA and the Zionist regime. It is fourty years in Afghanistan Shia society that cancer of mongolism racist movement has infected its body. This movement is very much similar to Zionism rascist movement and has gradually dominated over the political, cultural, social and even religious space of Afghanistan.    
This movement has displayed the religious identity of Shia against Hazareh racial identity. The movement conflicted Shia’s symbols and institutions by accusation, insult and distort weapons. Like Wahhabis and Salafis, Mongolists have targeted Ahl-e-Beit. The difference in their attitudes is that Wahhabis demote the prophet (PBUH) and reject Ahl-e-Beit’s accomplishment; but mongolists indirectly do the same as Wahhabis and Nasebis. They insult Sadat, satirize the religious obligations such as Khums and Nazr and actually degrade the religious identity. They set the latter opposed to ethnic identity. 
 Some special terms and phrases they use to conflict with Shia and Ahl-e-Beit are “court (palace) Shia”, “sap seeping which they use it instead of Khums: 20% of savings of which the first half (Sahm-e-Imam) must be given to the Imam of Ahlul-Bayt or his representatives”, religious stultifying”, and superstition  
Because Sadats attribute themselves to the prophet mongolists accuse them of racialism and call them court Shia. They also regard the Khums which is allocated to poor Sadat and Shiites scholars as sap seeping law.
Like Wahhabis, Mongolists confront against Islamic republic of Iran system and introduce it as a foe for Hazareh tribe. Organized and overall hostility of Mongolists against Iran, Shia and Sadat (decendants of prophet) has been actually initiated after Urshalim conference. Communist and Muslim Mongolists came to together in Wahdat (unity) party. While the head of the party were seeking power and impose themselves and also their nonchalance, the mongolists  made efforts to rarefy within the party. At first the “Our day” the unity party journal in Pakistan and then “Time for justice” periodical managed to conflict against Shia, Iran and Sadat. These periodicals were financed by unity party led by Mr Mazari and Mr Khalili and also US embassy in Pakistan. The operators of the publications were Sholeh(Maoists) and Parcham(Sovietists) communists.   
 In fact Arab faschism fight against Shia around the world while their approaches are Racial, Religious and Secular aspects. Iranian Faschism do the same with Racial, Secular and infidelity trends. The Mongolism (Hazareh tribe faschism) carries out its task upon Racial and Secular aspects. Pashtunism (Pashtun tribe faschism), however, has Racial, Religious and Secular trends.


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- Eng. Sayyed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh

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