Patients being treated for the coronavirus at the Afghan-Japan Communicable Disease Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.Credit...Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times
22 Dec 2020 10:22
The Covid-19 death toll in Afghanistan is thought to be much higher than the official figure
30 Jun 2020 17:00
Wives and mothers of Isis fighters who have surrendered to the Afghan government. Photograph: Elise Blanchard
26 Jun 2020 18:08
News media flourished in Afghanistan after the 2001 fall of armed group the Taliban, which had banned television [Omar Sobhani/Reuters]
25 Jun 2020 17:49
Community healthcare worker Gulnaz Janara says few women in her Kabul neighbourhood are willing to go to hospitals. (Stefanie Glinski/TNH)
24 Jun 2020 17:58
Shafiqullah Shafaq was found guilty on activities in the Afghanistan and Bangladesh leagues. Photograph: Randy Brooks/AFP via Getty Images
11 May 2020 16:23
A local health clinic in Khamab district, Jozjan Province. Clinic personnel gather in front of the clinic. On their chests is written "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan - Health Commission for Jozjan Province, Hospital emergency Team, Covid-19"
10 May 2020 13:48
This ‘hospital needs to be quarantined,’ but Afghanistan is at war
2 May 2020 14:14
Women and Girls With Disabilities at High Risk of Harassment in Afghanistan Due to COVID-19
30 Apr 2020 14:19
Afghanistan: Women with Disabilities Face Systemic Abuse
28 Apr 2020 13:14
19 Apr 2020 07:56
Gas cylinder blast leaves 9 dead in Kabul
13 Jan 2019 13:27
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