´╗┐Payam Aftab News Network 15 Sep 2010 - 10:43 http://www.payam-aftab.com/en/news/38889/troops-capture-several-militants-commander-in-e-afghanistan-nato -------------------------------------------------- Title : Troops capture several militants, commander in E Afghanistan: NATO -------------------------------------------------- Text : á KABUL, -- Afghan and NATO-led troops captured several Taliban insurgents including their commander during an overnight operation in Khost province east of Afghanistan, a press release of the alliance said Tuesday. "Afghan and coalition security forces captured a Haqqani Network sub-commander during an overnight operation in Khost province," the press release added. Haqqani network under Sarajudin Haqqani is the military wing of Taliban outfit operating in Afghanistan's eastern region along the border with Pakistan's lawless tribal areas. However, the press release did not reveal the name of the arrested commander, adding the commander was in charge of operations in Paktiya province. The security force discovered a pistol, grenade, along with multiple bayonets and loaded magazines at the scene, it further said. There were no casualties on civilians including women and children during the operation, the press release emphasized. Taliban militants fighting Afghan and NATO-led troops in Afghanistan have yet to make comment.