Payam Aftab News Network 2 Sep 2018 10:22 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Nicholson: Russia attempting to undercut America`s military gains -------------------------------------------------- Russia is trying to undercut military gains in Afghanistan and create differences between the US and its allies said Nicholson alleged. Text : "We know Russia is attempting to undercut our military gains and years of military progress in Afghanistan," the outgoing commander of Resolute Support mission said. In an interview, Gen. Johan Nicholson claimed Moscow was yet to stop trying to destabilise Afghanistan and fuel divisions between the US and its coalition partners. Scheduled to step down today (Sunday) after serving as NATO commander for two years, he questioned Russia s intentions in the region. He added: "It is no secret that Russia seeks any opportunity it can find to drive a wedge between the United States and our Central Asian partners, including Afghanistan." However, Nicholson still believed that Russia could play a constructive role, saying Moscow and Washington had a shared interest in combating terrorism and drugs.