Payam Aftab News Network 24 Dec 2018 12:43 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Presidential advisor justifies ministerial appointments -------------------------------------------------- ​Chief Advisor to President Ashraf Ghani Dr. Fazal Mahmood Fazli says the ongoing situation necessitated significant changes in Afghanistan’s security sector. Text : Fazli made the remarks after President Ashraf Ghani announced assigning two former spymasters Asadullah Khalid and Amarullah Saleh important security portfolios. But with the presidential election approaching and peace efforts underway, some people have condemned while others hailed the new appointments. Fazli said: Now is the time we all distinguished between our friends and foes and tolerated conflicting opinions. However, we must put aside our differences and focus on fighting the enemy. For the greater glory of their homeland, the advisor stressed, the Afghans must support the causes that many generations had sacrificed for.