Publish dateSunday 3 May 2020 - 18:49
Story Code : 92622
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said accident for Afghan nationals happened inside Afghanistan soil and Iranian border guard has rejected such an accident in Iran.
Iran: Accident for Afghans happened inside Afghanistan
In the wake of releasing news by Afghan media with regard to the accident which happened for Afghan citizens who wanted to enter Iran illegally by passing border river, Mousavi sympathized with families of victims.

He said the accident happened inside Afghanistan and Iranian border guard has rejected any accident in Iran.

Thanks to the importance of the issue it was reviewed in cooperation with Afghan officials.  

Afghan Foreign Ministry announced that it has assigned a delegation to discuss allegations made by Afghan media with regard to death of some Afghan immigrants in Hari River.

Some media have released a video in which a person claimed that some people who entered Iran illegally were arrested and thrown into the river by the Iranian border guards.
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