Publish dateSunday 19 April 2020 - 07:56
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Afghanistan has launched an online education system to help students catch up with their lessons in the time of the novel coronavirus, but this has caused trouble as many school children have no access to the internet.
The spread of COVID-19 in Afghanistan has seriously affected the lives of many. The disease has forced authorities to close education centers nationwide. Therefore, the government has launched a program that enables students to attend online classes. It is the first time such a move is made in the country.

In the meantime, officials say education services will be offered to those students who have no internet access through small classes. The move has been widely welcomed by education activists as a new chapter in the Afghan education system.

Tens of thousands of school students live in Taliban-controlled areas and most of them have no access to the internet to use the online education system.

There is much uncertainty about the fate of the online education platform. While many have no access to it, the Taliban militant group is yet to declare its readiness to allow the government to hold small classes for those students.
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