Publish dateSunday 20 January 2019 - 10:52
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Amrullah Saleh on Saturday resigned from his post as Acting Minister of Interior Affairs 27 days after he was appointed to the post by President Ashraf Ghani.
Saleh resigns as acting interior minister to join Ghani’s ticket

Amrullah Saleh says he banned at least 30,000 networks through which clandestine information of the Interior Ministry was leaked.

Five Arrested In Crackdown On Criminals
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Sources said that Saleh will join President Ghani’s team for the upcoming presidential elections.

Saleh, who has also served as head of the National Directorate of Security, issued few directives for the ministry after he was appointed to the post last year on December 23.

During his 27 days in office, Saleh announced a list of 222 “wanted criminals” and meanwhile he shared a list of 29 “drug dealers” in Kabul.

He banned police from entering embassies and foreign organizations without a permit from the ministry.

In an address to Interior Ministry’s employees on Saturday, Saleh said he hopes what he has established would be continued by the leadership of the ministry.  

“We banned 20,000 to 30,000 informative channels that unconsciously were giving information to the public without knowing that the information were classified,” Saleh said. 

Saleh mentioned that he has managed to prevent the influence of what he called the circles of wealth, power, politics and crimes in the ministry’s appointment process. 

“We profoundly announced that if any employee of the ministry brings recommendation letter from any of these five circles, it means that the employees has disclosed the secret information of the office he works in, does not believe in justice and fairness in the office and wants to have influence on the appointments. We cut off such influence,” Saleh added. 

“Amrullah Saleh after 27 days of work in the Ministry of Interior, had a farewell ceremony with employees of the ministry today (Saturday). During his time in the ministry, he has made considerable improvements which will be remembered by every staff members of Interior Ministry,” said Najib Danish, spokesman for Ministry of Interior.  

Sources said Saleh will join President Ghani’s election team as his first vice president. The Second Vice President Sarwar Danish will be Ghani's team mate as his secondVP. 

Ghani is expected to submit his nomination papers for president on Sunday.
Reporter : Hafizullah Rajabi
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