Publish dateTuesday 15 January 2019 - 12:33
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Ex-president Hamid Karzai has warned the United States and Pakistan against cutting a deal on Afghanistan’s future.
​Karzai averse to Pak-US deal on Afghanistan
In an interview published on Tuesday, Karzai urged New Delhi to step in and make sure there was no exclusive deal between Washington and Islamabad.
"We want an Afghanistan that is friendly with Pakistan, but one that is sovereign of Pakistan's influence. In other words, we would help the US for peace in Afghanistan, but equally, make it clear that we want no deals," he said.
Karzai spoke to The Hindu amid hectic talks among various stakeholders on a future strategy for security and stability in Afghanistan.
"Pakistan will not willingly give up the control or influence it has, but it is for the Afghan people not to allow a foreign country to influence us,” he believed.
While seeking an end to Pakistan's actions against Afghan traditions and values, he asked India to take the lead in charting out a peace process for his country.
"My proposal to India is that they must engage with the Taliban, as well as the government. Tomorrow if through a peace deal, the Taliban become part of the government, India will have to deal with them….
“We have been the victims of the deal concocted between the US and Pakistan during the Soviet invasion, which led to the creation and sustenance of extremist groups,” he alleged.
Author : Hafizullah Rajabi
Source : Pajhwok
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