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Welfare Party of Afghanistan people – Hezb-e- Saadat Mardom Afghanistan

8 Apr 2008 - 10:58

Mohammad Zobair Piruz established and registered Welfare Party of Afghanistan people following the approval of political parties' law in Afghanistan. Mr, Piruz was born in Kabul in 1330 and educated in Military University and as an army officer in Afghanistan army, has done services in variety of positions and different periods, particularly during Communist Regime and former Soviet Union invasion to Afghanistan, retired with the rank of colonel in 1373. He immigrated overseas during Taliban dominance, according to his biography, joined "National United Front of Afghanistan" in 1377 and has been active in the mentioned Front until formation of Welfare Party of Afghanistan people. It is notable that a group or coalition under the title of "National United Front of Afghanistan" never has openly existed among national and Islamic forces of Afghanistan so far. However, two United Fronts have come into being among leftist Communist forces. Secret group of "Waiting Assembly" led by Taher Badakhshi who is a well-known Communist had formed a coalition with his companion Communist circles called "National United Front of Afghanistan" for the first time in 1346. Petite Maoist groups on the basis of Liberal Organization of Afghanistan People (SAMA) led by Majid Kalakani organized the second "National United Front" in 1385. At the beginning of this Party's statute it has been stated that Welfare Party of Afghanistan people was formed in 1366. The study of this party's statute and its points show its communist backgrounds even without relation to Majid Kalakani's National United Front. The statute and articles of association of Welfare Party of Afghanistan people contains many grammatical and writing errors and inadequacies, which is unfortunately a sign for scientific and cultural weakness of a wide range of Afghanistan intellectuals.    

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