Gen. Votel: ​Afghan Government Must be part of Talks

A top U.S. general said on Tuesday that talks between the United States and Taliban were in their “very, very early” stages and the Afghan government, so far excluded from talks, would have to be part of the solution.
Date of Publication : Wednesday 6 February 2019 14:51
Gen. Votel: ​Afghan Government Must be part of Talks
“I would characterize where we are in the process as very, very early in the process,” U.S. General Joseph Votel, head of the U.S. military’s Central Command, told a Senate hearing. According to Reuters.
“We clearly recognize that they (Afghan government) have to be a part of this solution and must be in the negotiation aspects of this, we can’t do that on their behalf.”
Votel also said that the United States would need to continue to support Afghan security forces financially even if U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan.
The remarks come as the Afghan government has not been recognized by the Taliban yet, and has constantly denied direct talks.
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Reporter : Hafizullah Rajabi