Peace process should be led by Afghans

Chinese ambassador to Kabul Liu Jinsong called on Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh yesterday. In the meeting, Chinese ambassador to Kabul by supporting Afghanistan peace process said his country has made lots of efforts to provide regional cooperation for supporting the process.
Date of Publication : Tuesday 1 January 2019 10:16
Peace process should be led by Afghans
He considered the trilateral meeting held recently in Kabul between foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China as effective for supporting Afghanistan peace process, stressing on the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. Besides further expansion of economic and security cooperation between the two countries during the New Year, Chinese ambassador to Kabul also promised that cultural interactions and higher education scholarships would be provided to Afghan students.
Considering creation of joint economic cooperation between Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Central Asia as effective for lasting security and stability in the region, Second Vice President hoped joint efforts and steps to be further expanded. Vice President also asserted that Afghanistan government had necessary preparations for intra-Afghani dialogue, saying that other options as ceasefire and releasing part of Taliban prisoners would be debatable.
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Source : BNA
_author : Hafizullah Rajabi