​MoI starts removal of ineffective police check posts from Kabul city

The Ministry of Interior will remove ineffective check posts from Kabul city and will increase patrols and will increase search operations and surprise raids in a bid to improve the security situation of the capital.
Date of Publication : Tuesday 1 January 2019 09:58
​MoI starts removal of ineffective police check posts from Kabul city
According to a statement released by MoI, the process of removing ineffective check posts has started and the removal of such check posts has completed in the 11th police district of the city while other parts of the city would be covered eventually.
The statement further added that the leadership of the ministry of interior requests the residents of Kabul city to assist with the mobile units of the police forces and inform the authorities regarding the suspcious activities.
According to MoI, the latest approach will help with the effective management of resources, reduce vulnerability of the police forces, and create chaos among the criminal networks.
The Ministry of Interior has also warned that the police forces have the right to open fire and has requested the residents of the city to fully cooperate and adhere to the instructions of the police forces.
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Source : KP
Reporter : Hafizullah Rajabi