Ghani responds to Taliban threats for attacking elections

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that the ‘enemy propaganda’ would not create barriers on the way of the Afghan people to participate in the elections, emphasizing that the elections would be secured in a proper way.
Date of Publication : Wednesday 10 October 2018 09:15
Ghani responds to Taliban threats for attacking elections
He made the remarks during a meeting of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces organized in Presidential Palace on Tuesday.
This comes as the Taliban group had earlier warned that the group would carry out attacks against the election targets, claiming that elections are a conspiracy of the West and the U.S.
In the meantime, the Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said the security and defense officials presented their reports regarding the possible threats, security precautions considered for voting centers, and delivery of the electoral materials to the provinces.
President Ghani said elections is a national and democratic process and emphasized that ensuring the security of the elections is vital and that the Afghan armed forces would ensure security during the election campaigns and voting.
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Source : KP
Reporter : Hafizullah Rajabi