Dr. Abdullah: Pakistan to pressure Taliban into peace talks

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah hopes the new Pakistani government would pressure the Taliban to enter peace talks with Kabul.
Date of Publication : Thursday 13 September 2018 14:13
Dr. Abdullah: Pakistan to pressure Taliban into peace talks
In an interview published on Thursday, the CEO believed Pakistan could exercise its influence in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table.
“It is a new government and Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised stability. The region might miss out on further opportunities if security challenges are not addressed,” he said.
Speaking to The Indian Express, Abdullah said he was hopeful of the new Pakistani government pushing the Taliban into reconciliation with the Ashraf Ghani administration.
Abdullah was in Mumbai on Wednesday to open the second India-Afghanistan International Trade and Investment Show, sponsored by the USAID.
US sanctions against Iran would not affect progress of the Chabahar Port, he said. “We cannot influence the broader context of relationships among different countries.
“At the same time, as far as we are concerned, we are in a situation where we need co-operation from all neighbouring countries, especially all the countries of the region.”
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Source : Pajhwok
Reporter : Hafizullah Rajabi