China’s interest in Joining TAPI

China is exploring building a spur from Pakistan’s territory once the multi-country TAPI natural gas pipeline project begins operating.
Date of Publication : Sunday 12 August 2018 16:20
China’s interest in Joining TAPI
A China-to-Turkmenistan line has to cross several Central Asian mountain ranges. A Pakistani official said it would be cheaper and easier for China to build a line from inside Pakistan’s territory to cross the Karakoram range to its Western border.
Some mining experts say that although China will be included in this project as the fifth country, it will delay the construction of the Gaz pipeline, but they believe that this will further enhance the economic and political significance of the TAPI project in the region.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Mines says China's inclusion in the TAPI project is in the context of diplomatic dialogue between China and Pakistan.
In this episode host Zarmina Mohammadi discusses the topic with Sayed Masoud an economic expert. 
Mohammadi also discusses the transportation of goods thought Chabahar port with Mohammad Younus Momand, commercial deputy of ACCI.
In addition, she discusses the complaints of investors in Paktia province over the lack of land and electricity for factories with Abdul Karim Arifi First Vice-President of the Supreme Council of Mines and Investment.
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