​Karzai: foreign airstrikes “irresponsible act”

Former President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned recent airstrikes by the foreign troops in the Zormat district of Paktia and Khogyani district of Nangarhar provinces, calling them irresponsible acts.
Date of Publication : Saturday 14 July 2018 09:59
​Karzai:  foreign airstrikes “irresponsible act”
“With regret, I learned that military operations and bombardments in Paktia and Nangarhar provinces, killed civilians including women and children and damaged their assets,” Karzai said 
“Foreign troops’ attacks under the name of war against terrorism on the Afghan villages and houses are irresponsible acts and a matter of concern.”
He added that such operations would weaken security people’s trust to the security forces and increase rift between people and the government that would not give a positive result.
The former president wished paradise for the deceased and quick recovery for the injured, calling for immediate end of such attacks and operations.
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Source : Afghanistan Times
Reporter : حفیظ‌الله رجبی