Afghan Presidential Candidate says No to Partial Results

Date of Publication : Monday 7 July 2014 16:56
Afghan Presidential Candidate says No to Partial Results
Abdullah told reporters in Kabul he will only accept the result when what he called "clean votes are separated from unclean votes" and all fraud allegations are resolved.
The release of preliminary results from the June 14 runoff between Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani were due last week, but instead postponed until July 7 after the Independent Election Commission said it needed to audit votes from nearly 2,000 polling stations.
Abdullah alleges mass fraud has been committed during the runoff vote that pitted him against former finance minister Ghani.
He accuses Afghan President Hamid Karzai, his provincial governors and security personnel of complicity in rigging the polls.
For his part, Ghani, who is reportedly leading Abdullah by one million votes, says there should be no delay in the release of preliminary results. Ghani says he has ruled out a power-sharing deal with Abdullah.
U.S. Senator Carl Levin, who is visiting Kabul, met with both candidates and said Sunday that he was assured that Abdullah and Ghani will accept a comprehensive audit. The American lawmaker also said he expected another significant announcement on Monday.
The election deadlock has revived longstanding ethnic tensions in Afghanistan because Ghani represents the majority Pashtun community, while Abdullah mainly draws support from Tajik Afghans, the second largest ethnic group.
The deadlock also comes at a time when the Taliban insurgency has stepped up its attacks while NATO-led forces are preparing to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year.
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