Afghanistan Warns Iran over Fuel Ban

Date of Publication : Tuesday 11 January 2011 13:32
Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) warned on Monday that if Iran refuses to end fuel ban over a week, imports from Iran will be blocked. Not only import will be stopped, but Afghan investments in Iran will also be suspended, officials in ACCI said. It has been more than a month that around 3,000 fuel tankers have been stranded in Iran for no apparent reason. Even the first Afghan VP's trip to Iran didn't work to convince officials in Tehran to end the ban. Yesterday ACCI announced that it would not take part in ECO chamber of commerce summit in Tehran as a sign of criticism against Iran's fuel ban on Afghanistan. "We will wait for another week to see whether Iran lets fuel trucks cross into Afghanistan," said Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, Head of ACCI. "We function based on a commitment here and it's our obligation to apply what our traders want," Abdul Ghafar Dawi, an Afghan trader, told TOLO news. Officials in ACCI said more than hundreds of Afghan fuel tankers were dumped in Iran by force. "Three days ago Iranian border forces made tanker drivers dump their fuel in Iran,"said Deputy Head of ACCI, Khan Jan Alekozai. Official at chamber of commerce had previously said Afghanistan has a symbolic role in regional economic cooperation organisations. Meanwhile, Afghan national labour union Monday staged a demonstration before Iran's embassy and UN office in Kabul, calling on Iran to end fuel ban as soon as possible.
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