Afghanistan Urges Iran to End Fuel Blockade

Date of Publication : Sunday 26 December 2010 14:15
  Iran should quickly bring an end to fuel shipment ban to Afghanistan, a top official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday. The issue has already been discussed seriously with Iranian officials, the spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Zaher Faqiri, told a TOLO news reporter. Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industries assured that the border will be opened to Afghan fuel trucks by tomorrow. Recently fuel prices have gone skyrocketing and Kabul citizens put the blame on the government for being careless in this regard. People warned of a disastrous winter if the government ignores to take measures to drop the price of fuels. "Government should take serious measures about it. Fuel prices have gone much high. It should be addressed very soon," a local taxi driver told a TOLO news reporter. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) warned that Afghanistan will plunge into much more serious economic crisis, if Iran keeps blocking fuel shipment into Afghanistan. "Afghanistan has not only fuel problem with Iran but also with Pakistan and Uzbekistan. With regret, I would like to say that Afghan government hasn't got the authority to implement its international protocols on neighbours," said Deputy Head of ACCI. The Afghan foreign ministry sees the fuel blockade as a technical problem. "We have urgently demanded from Iran to open the way to Afghan trucks, because those who would suffer the most would be the Afghan people in the wake of cold winter," Mr Zaher said. It has been more than four weeks that Iran has stopped around 2,000 fuel tankers bound to Afghanistan.
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