60 Taliban militants lay down arms in N Afghan province

Date of Publication : Wednesday 20 October 2010 13:49
  KUNDUZ, Afghanistan, -- Sixty Taliban militants have given up militancy and handed over their arms to authorities in northern Kunduz province, provincial police chief Abdul Rahman Syedkhili said Tuesday. "These people handed over their weapons to authorities in Chardara and Ali Abad districts Monday evening and vowed to help strengthen peace process,"Syedkhili told newsmen at a press conference. Among those joined the peace process is a Taliban key commander Qari Zia and switching side by them has enabled government to strengthen its control over 20 villages, the official said. However, he emphasized that three militants who had opposed the process were killed and three others injured. Taliban militants have yet to make comment. Chardara and Ali Abad districts have been regarded as the hotbed of Taliban militants in Kunduz province from where the insurgents have expanded their activities to the neighboring Baghlan, Takhar and the northeast Badakhshan provinces.
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