'America Backs Pakistan- Taliban Tie'

Date of Publication : Monday 9 August 2010 12:17
   August 8, 2010 In an interview with Iranian Khabaronline website, head of Afghanistan desk in Pakistan's spy organisation said the Pakistan's relationship with the Taliban is supported by the US The former head of Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) General Hamid Gull who is currently head of Afghanistan desk in the oraganisation, in an interview published on Saturday said, "the US has backed any contacts we have had so far with the Taliban." "Many countries have contacts with the Taliban. Britain, US and even Iran has relation with the Taliban," he said. Some weeks ago, WikiLeaks disclosed more than 90,000 US military logs on the Afghan war in which Pakistan's tie with the Taliban was clearly noted and the documents also reveal Pakistan's support to the Taliban insurgency. When asked why Pakistan held talks with the insurgents, the top Pakistani military official argued that they want to save Pakistan from any threat by the Taliban. The latest polls indicate a growing hatred among Afghan people towards the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. People often condemn their attacks and call their actions non-Islamic. But, Gen. Hamid Gull calls the Taliban, Mujahidin "Holy Fighters" who are battling for the freedom of their country. The United States of America is acting both ways in the region, sometimes backing Pakistan and sometimes India and with such a policy, they cannot have Pakistan with them, he said. Foreign forces have been defeated in Afghanistan, and they want to flee the country, he said. To save their own reputation, they want to put the blame on the others and Pakistan is the most accessible option to them, he further said. The interview is published at a time as Pakistan's President, Asif Ali Zardari on his visit to London told reporters that his country is unable to track insurgent in Pakistan.
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