Imam Khomeini wanted justice, UK Economy professor

Date of Publication : Thursday 4 June 2009 16:54
Imam Khomeini wanted justice, UK Economy professor
Tehran, June 4, IRNA – Imam Khomeini wanted justice about everything, professor of Binary Economics Rodney Shakespeare said, introducing himself activist for social and ecoظnomic justice. Professor Shakespeare, who has come to Iran to take part in anniversary of Imam Khomeini's departure, told IRNA reporter that he believes Imam Khomeini meant the independence of the nations and fairer treatment of all individuals including women and children.

"The Islamic Revolution is not finished. It has only just started and the two big things are yet to be achieved [The Independence and Justice]. They can be achieved through the use of loan money which does not carry interest."

He said the banking system must be stopped from creating money out of nothing, adding interest and lending it for every purpose with s result of a huge build-up of debt.

"There must be an Islamic interest-free money supply from the national banking system for the development and spreading of productive capacity and associated consuming capacity to all people in the economy including women and children."

He said that the mechanism is to use national bank interest-free loans for micro-credit, public capitals: Hospitals, buildings, roads, clean electricity generation, small farms and businesses and for the spreading of ownership in middle and large corporations.

"This is binary economics and true Islamic economics."
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