Referendum Will Resolve Mideast Crisis:Great ayatollah Khamenei

Date of Publication : Thursday 5 March 2009 05:08
Referendum Will Resolve Mideast Crisis:Great ayatollah Khamenei
Iran’s proposal to help solve the Middle East problem “is in total agreement with democracy and can form a common logical basis.“ These are the words of Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei while addressing the “4th International Conference for Supporting Palestine, The Model of Resistance, and Gaza, the Victim of War Crimes“ in Tehran on Wednesday. The proposal, among other things, notes that all those who have a legitimate stake in the conflict, including Muslims, Christians and Jews should choose their own system of government in a referendum. “All Palestinians who have long suffered the ordeals of exile and displacement should also participate in the referendum,“ he stressed. Addressing himself to the pro-Israel western regimes, the leader said failing to accept the proposal will obviously imply absence of their commitment to democracy. Failure to test this solution will further expose western double standards, he told the conferees. “Those who embrace democracy so long as it contributes to their interests are war-mongering adventurers. If they talk about peace, it is nothing but lies and deception.“ The two-day event is expected to focus on Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity during its three-week military campaign in the Gaza Strip that ended in early January. Representatives from several counties are attending the meeting along with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross, UNICEF and the Human Rights Council in Geneva.
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