Mottaki: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan summit to be held in Tehran

Date of Publication : Saturday 14 June 2008 07:40
Mottaki: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan summit to be held in Tehran
Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki declared here Wednesday morning that Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan summit will be held  ّinّ Tehran soon.
He told reporters that the foreign ministers of the three countries have held two trilateral meetings so far and the third will be held in Islamabad adding "we hope that the regional and international cooperation can solve problems of Afghanistan." Mottaki said, "In spite of seven years of occupation of Afghanistan by the US and its allies, security is not established there yet and Iran has paid a lot of expense to provide security in its borders with Afghanistan and to fight against cultivation of drugs and its transit through Iran."
Mottaki added, "Since occupation of Afghanistan, the cultivation of drugs has been thirty fold more."
Also in this concern, Iran has dedicated more than 3,000 martyrs from its police force to the international community, Mottaki continued, so Paris meeting should find a solution to this issue too. "I am here to attend Afghanistan conference and I believe it is an appropriate way to help establishment of stability and tranquility in Afghanistan with the serious participation of international community," Iran's foreign minister told reporters. He denied any kind of relations between Iran's officials with the extremists in Afghanistan and said those who meet with the leaders of extremists in the European capitals should not accuse Iran and the public opinion in the region can recognize that such claims are merely for escaping from responsibilities which foreign forces have in Afghanistan. Mottaki continued, "Iran considers President Karzai as a democratic choice and our policy is to cooperate with Karzai government and Afghanistan people."
He concluded, "More than two million Afghan refugees are living in Iran of whom only one million have been registered by the United Nations and the rest of them are living in Iran illegally.
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