People\'s Islamic Party of Afghanistan- Hezb-e- Eslami Mardom Afghanistan

Date of Publication : Thursday 17 April 2008 16:50
By; Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mesbahzadeh

People's Islamic Party of Afghanistan came into being in Kabul on 4/9/1366, which was one of the parties under the protection and support of Communist Regime of Dr, Najib.The party, led by Abdulsattar Sirat who claimed to have belief in Islamic ideology, collapsed at the threshold of Communist Regime disintegration. They used to publish a publication called "Al-Eslam" in 1367, however, it was stopped being published in 1369. The director of the publication was Qari Abdulsattar Sirat and his deputy was Mulavi Nasrollah Hanafi. Rahman Bodi, Mohammad Anvar Yaqubi, Mohammad Azam, Abdul Qadir Kamel, Sadruddin Alkuzai, Haji Mula Gul, Sayyid Amir and Qulam Mohammad Juya were the ones who took part in a Loy Jirga held by Communist Regime of Dr, Najib as representatives of People's Islamic Party of Afghanistan.
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